Almost everyone on the site knows and loves Replay, but outside of one more recent Replay they're almost completely missing three of the most significant generations of handheld gaming. With so many games in the backlog, it's unlike the GI crew will be dipping into the Game Boy space anytime soon. I just so happen to have acquired a GameCube and a the Game Boy adapter for the system. I have an HD PVR sitting around anyways, so I might as well use it to find some silly stuff. Plus, Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance titles are pretty cheap; unless you're me and you plop down $65 on a pair of limited run games - I have a problem, yes, I know.

Anyways, this week's game is "Minority Report: Everybody Runs." Coincidentally, while confirming it's name I found the GBA version of the game is tied to a "Minority Report" game of the same name on PS2, and yes the GBA version shares as little in common with its counterpart as it does with the movie itself. I'll make sure I do better research next time, in this case I was bored and threw a video together in about an hour.