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I Need Your Help For Blog Infarcer

Welcome, everyone, to the month of March. With February behind us that leaves roughly one month until April fools. For the last two years, the first day in April has also been the day I launch Blog Infarcer. The first blog did much better than I expected, and the second was something I was more than happy to continue.

Unfortunately, this year comes with a much heavier workload than the previous ones. When I started Blog Infarcer I was getting ready to change college majors. I didn't care about my grades because I knew that the next semester would see me starting over. Devoting a 12 hour day to creating the first Blog Infarcer on a whim was no big deal at the time. The second one wasn't so easy, and I've only gotten more busy.

This semester I'm fairly swamped. As an employee at my college paper I have more outside of class responsibilities. I'm also taking a feature writing course that requires a lot of effort doing interviews and research outside of class, a course on magazine in which my group will be building a magazine and hunting down stories outside of class, and a really confusing linguistics course that is enough to make my head spin at times and also requires an interview for a 10 page paper.

So, I figured I'd turn to you guys, the community, to help get Blog Infarcer out of the gates this year. I'm hesitant to ask this, because I don't want to look like I'm exploiting you all to make myself look good, but I just can't handle the work load this time around. I really don't want to see Blog Infarcer die though. Perhaps just as important, I'm just one guy so what I find funny or amusing others might not. The only way to make the third Blog Infarcer amazing, and different, is to look to other people. I want Blog Infarcer to become part of the community, something that someone will pick up and do when I'm no longer around to do it.

I'm hoping to make this the biggest and best looking of the Blog Infacers. I can only do that if I can work building it into my real life schedule though. I'll still be contributing a piece, and playing the EiC character, but what I need is people who are willing to write something for it. As silly as it sounds, and as silly as the post will likely be, I also really do feel like this is a chance to extend my spot on the home page to great members of the community who normally wouldn't be there.

All I need you guys to do is come up with some ideas that you would like to write and see as a part of Blog Infarcer. Message me here on the site, post on my profile, or find me on twitter and let me know if you have something fun, silly, or just plain dumb. I'll be happy to work with people on ideas over the next month, and make sure they're as great as possible come April. Whatever you do, don't just go posting things on my profile or in the comments of blogs though. I want the chance to talk to anyone who considers submitting something, to work with people and let them make a piece of my blog their own.