LFYB: We're Back For Another Round

Okay, now I've got to give this guy some credit. This year he actually made it hard to get into his account, plus he changed up the name to make it harder for me to find. Seriously though, who writes under their real name? Accountability is for suckers. Anyways, we're back for another round of hard hitting truths and undeniable facts. Some of you may remember our takeover last year, and I promise we're all putting in as much effort as we feel like to make this Blog Infarcer even better than the last - in all honesty though, that's not really that much effort. You know the drill, only the good stuff in this blog. Only the best bloggers you've never heard of and blah blah blab blah. You know what? I'm not even sure you guys are worth it anymore. I mean, have you looked in a mirror lately? It's really rather pathetic to be honest.

How am I even supposed to write anything in the videogame world we live in today? You're all so uppity and progressive. Respecting female gamers? Promoting diversity of players, developers, and characters? What kind of sick fantasy world do you people live in? It's almost like you want things to change. What's the matter? Games not good enough for you? It's funny, you all act so high and mighty with your accepting natures and open minds, but you're so disrespectful to those of us who think things are fine the way they are. You really think equality and fair treatment is worth it when us hardcore gamers suffer? How is it equal and fair if we don't get exactly what we want? That's why, this year I've brought in a few people who will put you in your place once and for all. It's no holds barred this time around, we're going to show you the error of your ways and write your wrongs if it's the last thing I do. I mean, the last thing we do. 

Yours truly, Better-in-Chief, Apocalypse Brony

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