For those of you not familiar with the name Leland Yee, you may be more familiar with his previous work. He's probably best known for authoring a bill that sought to restrict the sale of what he called "ultra-violent" games, a bill that was deemed unconstitutional. It makes sense that he would use the unfortunate events of recent months to reassert his unconstitutional position. That's only half of what has put him in headlines recently, though.

Today he's probably better known as the man who said gamers have no credibility in the debate regarding the relationship between video games and violence. For an overview of what he said, and his recently revised stance, I suggest you check out Polygon's report on the story. What follows is a letter that was written to Senator Yee last week, in response to his original comments:

Hello Senator Yee,

My name is Jonathan Gregory, I am a former Computer Science Major and current English Major at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I'm sending this email in response to your claim that I have no credibility when speaking on the subject of violence in video games. I realize that a lot of people will not respond in a polite manner, so I wanted to take this time to attempt to convince you of the ignorance of your stance. You don't know the slightest thing about me, or any of the other people you so callously generalized. 

I am not a monster Mr. Yee, I don't lust for blood and violence. I'm thoroughly against our country's constant military action around the globe and think that, in a perfect world, the need for weapons would be nonexistent  Gaming is a way for me to get away from the world, just like movies or books or TV may be for you or people you know. I certainly don't go into a game, even a violent one, with the sole intent of committing violent acts and inflicting pain. To suggest that you know me, and every gamer, on such an intimate level as to be able to question our judgement and suggest we are not capable of properly exercising our right of free speech is horrendously offensive.

Despite what are clearly insults directed from you towards me, and people I know and love, I am still willing to politely ask you to, at the very least, step away from the debate on video games, violent or otherwise. Seeing as you have proposed unconstitutional legislation and continue to pursue the unconstitutional stance you made public with that effort, I as a citizen of the United States would like to encourage you to strongly consider resignation from your held public office; I should also sincerely hope that your constituency is just as offended by your insinuation that they are animals, undeserving of the right to speak their mind, as I am. I don't purport to know you or your core values. I have never met you and I am not one of the people you represent. However, I do find the values you've set forth as your own in this situation to be deplorable.

Signed, with more than a bit of animosity towards you,

A Gamer Who Doesn't Lust For Blood

Although Senator Yee has since backed off of his original statements, he doesn't seem like a man who mispoke. There was no improper translation or misuse of a word when he suggested that gamers lust for violence. He also continues to fault the the video game industry, and not the consumer - many of them parents or guardians, for putting violent games into the hands of children. 

He may not be your representative, but his actions could have an impact on all of us. His unwavering, unconstitutional stance that video games are to blame and should be regulated by governmental authority has only evolved in how it is presented. I encourage everyone who reads this to write him in their own words. Whether or not you feel as strongly, or perhaps even more so, about this than I did when I wrote what is reproduced above, I encourage a civil tone if you choose to write him. You can pen your own letter and send it him via .