| Summer, 1778 - An Encounter with a Bear |

Today was a strange day, in every way that the word strange can be defined. I have always known the frontier to be a dangerous place, from my early years in the village when I was forbidden to wander from the valley, and even more so in the years since I met Achilles and joined the ranks of his Brotherhood, though in all my years hunting man and beast I have never encountered something so odd. 

It was around noon and I had left the Homestead on foot, expecting to explore new areas of the frontier - why I can remember so little of what I saw in the process of climbing those huge trees escapes me in much the same manner as the memories themselves - I wandered across a large body of water. Despite my lackadaisical attitude towards the trip I did have the urge to arrive at the places I had marked for exploration before the day was too far gone and as such I endeavored to swim across.

Upon exiting the water on the other side of the lake I was greeted by a mother bear and her two cubs, never a good sight when wandering the woods and even less so when one is dripping wet and soaked to the bone. As is to be expected in such a situation, the mother bear proceeded to attack as her cubs fled; I cannot very well blame the beast, for she was little more than a mindless animal acting on her own instinct... that said twas still necessary to defend myself and so I did, finally downing the large animal after she made several attempts to separate my head from my body. 

A peculiar thing happened next. Just as I set about skinning my previous opponent, since there was no need for waste even if it had attempted to kill me and I was in no severe need of food or materials, another of the large animals approached and attacked. It is not unheard of to encounter a small group of bears moving together, but this one had not been present earlier. For whatever reason, perhaps the sound of the previous attack, this bear had become interested and then oddly hostile towards me despite the lack of any sort of provocation directed towards it. 

In seconds I found myself backed onto a rock at water's edge, readying myself to jump and make a swim for the lighthouse at the lake's center, when suddenly the beast lunged at me. Stepping quickly I propelled myself from the top of the rock, turning as I went to watch the bear enter the lake with a splash. As it submerged, in a rather deep spot - the kind that is significantly more deep and more cold than the surrounding water, I readied for an even more angry creature to emerge and continue its previous assault.

I waited in my stance for what seemed like hours, although it was more likely than not less than a minute and one half, but no bear appeared from the lake. Puzzled by the thought that a bear might have drowned in calm water, they often venture into rapids for the purpose of catching fish after all, I took a moment's pause before returning to skinning the other animal. No sooner had I raised my knife to begin did I hear that bear roar no less than one foot behind where I knelt. There is nothing quite like the fear that comes from knowing you are almost certainly about to be decapitated by an animal that possesses a several hundred pound weight advantage over yourself.

Frantically I turned to see, and you are sure to think me crazy for what I am about to say but it is the truth every word of it I swear, nothing. I saw nothing. The roar came again, this time from below me and I did immediately light out of the area. The beast had somehow found its way underground and did pursue me for some half mile at least and at great speed before I found a tree able to stand my weight and scaled its branches on the spot. Continuing through the branches I managed to escape the strange creature, though how it managed do as it did still escapes me, perhaps some sort of magic, it would not surprise me after all that I have experienced as an Assassin, though why a bear possessed such magic would still remain a valid question. I have not decided whether I should share this tale with the hunters or frontiersmen, they should surely think me just as crazy as you do now though perhaps I would be better off ignoring their petty distractions and focusing on something more substantial anyways.

~ Connor ~

Connor's Adventures in the Broken Animus is a work of fiction based on the glitches and bugs I came across during my time playing Assassin's Creed 3.