Normally, I'm not the type of person to take part in this sort of thing, I don't usually blog for the sake of blogging, but right now I'm stuck on campus with nothing to do and I just lost a rather long blog that I have been writing for the past two days. I knew it was going to happen before I started writing, but I am both lazy and a moron so I ignored said inevitability and went about my business. In the process I essentially put the proverbial white elephant in a white room, making him invisible. It wasn't really surprising when the giant white elephant took a giant white poop all over my browser and I was back to having nothing. 

So in the immediate sense, this is where I'm at right now with my writing. I had detailed what I thought would be a rather good solution to the issues surrounding online passes and all that ish which has been stirred up recently. I would like to cover the issue, and present my solution, but I just don't have it in me to write all that again. Not to mention the fact that when I write I never draft first, I simply sit down, write something, publish, and walk away. Or at least that has been my style of writing up until recently. If I wrote the lost blog again it wouldn't wind up the same, something would change drastically. The whole thing could even get lost in random musings when my brain reheats it again. Not that there wasn't a possibility it already was. Why don't I have it in me? Because I'm lazy, like I said before. Oh, and that elephant is still hiding in that room. Somewhere. 

As for the actual question at hand, I'd say where I'm at is a fairly good spot to find one's self in. I don't feel like I write well enough to be a featured blogger on this site though. I feel that most of my writing is poorly formatted, that my failures aren't noticed because they are hidden behind an attention to, and knowledge of, grammar and basic formatting that growing up at a private school ingrained in me. Personally I feel I kind of suck at making a proper argument. I always wind up reading back over what I write and experiencing a desire to completely start over from scratch build in me during that process. I've always experienced this and I've started more than one academic paper over the night before it was due. I don't have an extremely high level of confidence in things I do, simply because I've found it easier to treat my work as less than stellar. If people tell me something I write sucks, then I'm okay with it. If someone gives me a complement on what I write, I consequently feel great because I wasn't expecting that. I never expected anyone to care enough to read what I write, I still maintain that I believe very few who do read what I write give a flying *** about what was said. And for the record, I think a lot of my recent blogs have been complete and utter garbage deserving of a solemn burial and unmarked grave somewhere deep in the nether regions of this site. I enjoy writing though, so much so that I take part in text based RPGs on a regular basis, and I'll keep writing here whether there are five or five hundred people reading my blogs.

As for where I hope to be, I don't know that I hope to be anywhere. I'm a Computer Science Student at this point, one who has dabbled in game design and hopes to expand upon that. I took two college writing courses, receiving a B in both courses, and I don't know that I will ever take a writing class again. I think I might enjoy being a gaming journalist sometime in the future, though I do not believe that I have the background to go very far in the field. I always thought that sort of thing required more certification than I would be able to get as a writer, although I suppose I could be wrong. I've never attempted to get anything I've written published on a gaming site and I don't expect I ever will. At least I don't plan on it at this point in time. There's part of me that would very much enjoy reporting on the game industry however. I enjoy being involved with gaming communities more than anything and while I would love to build games and share any current or future ideas I have with the world, I would be entirely happy meeting with, talking to, and writing about all the people in the industry who are far more creative than I am and those more creative souls that have not yet broken the surface. 

When I first wrote this sentence I sat at six hundred and ninety-nine words exactly, so consider this my quintessentially lazy, entirely unnecessary upon revision, way of getting around that particular requirement and a thanks to any of you who have read this far.