There's been a lot of heat lately in the discussions surrounding Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Especially among the world  of YouTube game video directors. Now I would love to throw my hat into that ring, but I simply don't have the money to do so right now, and I don't really want to argue semantics any more than I already have. As such, I figured I'd bring some of the type of advice that a lot of those guys provide about playing the game, along with some of my own, here to this community. I feel this is especially important with a brand new release on the horizon and with the inevitable new players that will be coming over from other games for the first time to at least give the series a try.

Please keep in mind, I'm not telling you how to play, I am simply making suggestions that will help make the game more fun for you and everyone else involved. My goal is to teach you how to make the most of what you have and turn an average player into an above average player. These things can not help your reaction time or teach you techniques you do not know, but they can set a foundation for you to consistently perform well, and competitive games are always more fun when you perform well. Obviously since BF3 is not out yet I will be focusing on BFBC2 instead, but attempting to provide advice that will apply to any game in the series.

Entering The Battlefield

This is probably the single most important place you can pay attention if you want to improve your game immediately, especially when playing in Battlefield's core game mode where spotting occurs more often than in hardcore. Making the right decisions about where and when to spawn in, what to spawn in with, and your tactics after spawn can improve your experience tenfold. It's important to stop and take a look at the pre-spawn screen instead of just button mashing to get back in the action. For the purpose of this discussion I will use Battlefield Bad Company 2's spawn menu.

This picture, from the PC version of Bad Company 2, is good for illustrating the different parts of the spawn menu. The most obvious part is the box on the left displaying spawn locations, such as players or points. In the background there is a live feed of the selected player or location in the spawn point box. Paying attention to this, and the activity of the player or players being displayed, can help you quickly decide whether or not the location you have selected is a suitable place to spawn at.

Abvoe the spawn locations(to the right on consoles) is the map, where you can gain the most information about the battlefield. Spotted enemies, vacant vehicles, objectives, and every member of your team currently active on the battlefield show up on this map as well as on the in game minimap. By using it you can help determine what tactics suit your team's current situation. Using this information to choose the right loadout for the situation at hand is vital to not getting your ass handed to you.

The final piece of Battlefield Bad Company 2's pre-spawn menu is the kit selection at the bottom. Navigating to this will allow you to choose your class, weapon, secondary weapon, gadget(if there are multiple options for your class), Specializations 1 & 2[Weapon and Player Upgrades] and 3[vehicle]. Again, we'll go over specifics later on. It's already been confirmed that Battlefield 3 will feature a different system focusing just on your gun. Still, it's important that you DO NOT leave these upgrade slots empty if you don't have to because doing so will put you at a serious disadvantage in the field.

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