I've decided to start a new blog series, and just jump on top of all those ideas that we all come up with that we know probably won't happen, but at the very least would really like to see happen. 5 topics, short thoughts on them, hopefully every week.

Wouldn't it be great if...

1) Grand Theft Auto moved outside a US setting?

Grand Theft auto is, undoubtedly, and industry juggernaut that's shaped how open world games are dealt with in this day and age, and their stories are embedded with shout outs to American culture. I was thinking though, what if it went somewhere completely different. London, Berlin, or Paris perhaps? Personally I think it would be a refreshing change of pace. Most of these big open world games are set in American cities or places set in American cities, and while that's great there's a lot of potential being left on the table here and I think Grand Theft Auto could benefit greatly from a change in culture.

2) Some made a mech game that was actually really good?

Now, this isn't saying that there aren't good Mech games out there, because there are a few that are fine games in their own right, but none of them have been really big blockbuster titles. Giant robots are awesome, without a doubt, but it doesn't seem like anyone can pull off a top tier game involving them as the focus. There's always something wrong. Whether it's clunky and unresponsive movement, or a story/mission structure that is painfully poor; they never quite live up to their full potential. I want to see someone make a mech game that's the same level of quality as your Bioshocks, Mass Effects, or Elder Scrolls.

3) More games included user created content?

Do I really even need to elaborate on this? There are games who rely solely upon this content, and I find it hard to believe that developers wouldn't be perfectly happy to let the players provide the maps for shooters or new missions for games so that they didn't have to do any extra work. Several games are already moving in this direction, but I think it would be awesome to see user generated content distribution available in more games.

4) CryEngine was licensed out to other developers?

Despite what some butthurt PC fanboys may try and tell you, Crysis is beautiful and it's source engine is one of the most powerful creation tools on the market, and quite possibly the most flexible. CryEngine can handle everything from lush jungles to sharp, gritty urban environments along with some crazy alien tech sprinkled in on top. About the only things in Crysis that don't look great are the in game character models for some of less combat ready individuals. Wouldn't it be great if more developers could harness this tech?

5) More licensed games were given proper development time?

Movies take years to create, so why is it that almost every licensed game has to turn out to be a big ol steamy pile of crap? These games could be good if the developers put in charge of them had more than a few months to work. If they weren't treated as ways to cash in on a name, but instead as a way to explore alternate realms of the fiction. Who hasn't wanted to be Iron Man? Or fill the shoes of their favorite action hero? Take the Matrix game for example. While it was by no means amazing, it was kind of cool to explore different parts of the back story. Expand the movie's scope a bit. There's massive potential here, but people are washing it down the drain. If it takes years to make a movie, why should the game based on it only be given a fraction of that time?