Okay, time for me to step away from my normal long and mostly informative blog posts and just complain for a minute.

I have recently been suffering from an extreme amount of Blog Loss and it is draining the creative life and will to write from me. This morning I suffered at least my third or instance of catastrophic Blog Loss within the past couple of months when my computer decided it was no longer connected to the internet and was not going to alert me until I pressed the submit button. I simultaneously cursed the blog format, my computer, the internet, and myself for not backing up what I had written. A four letter word torrent seemingly flowed from the heavens for then next several minutes.

Of the ones I can remember I have lost long blogs about the high prices of video game peripherals and just this morning the negative perception of repetition in video games. I have become endlessly pissed off by the fact that the spellchecker is so slow and the text field is separated from the rest of the page, meaning it's easy to use but when the document doesn't submit right you can't hit back and have firefox, or whatever browser you are using, restore all the work you just did.

I know, I know. I should write them in MS Word or Open Office and then paste them in here, but that is tedious and you have to reformat everything when you are ready to submit. I normally write my blogs on impulse, choosing to start them on the site the moment that I get the inkling to. If I don't I wind up loosing them, and when I suffer from Blog Loss it makes me not want to write more. Maybe Dante's Inferno would interest me more if it was Dante's Inferno: Blog in Hell, the world's first simulated physical attack on virtual content. Or Call of Duty: Blog Killer, Grenade Spam blogs from all over the world. With the direction Bobbeh is taking Activision we might very well see that game in the near future. My guess is that it will come after CoD 10, which should hit shelves with in the next year or two.

Btw, the Bobbeh link goes to a really funny blog about a mock Activision merger and Bobby Kotick interview, comedic gold. Props to DeadByDagger on that. If your reading this Dagger, I've nominated that shizz to be part of Annette's next Blog Herding Article. Everyone who reads this, and hopefully his blog by association, within a few days of 2/22/2010 should as well.

Alright, well, that's my little bitchfest and a little bit of funny for you all. Here's to hoping I can come up with some more interesting things to writing in the future and avoid anymore recurring instances of blog loss.