E3 has come and gone, once again. And once again, it has left me feeling like there is a giant hole in my being, a hole that must be filled by one or more (i.e. all) of the amazing titles splashed across the screens for the gaming world to see and drool over. While I found many games this year I am excited for (I will be very poor come October), there was one game in particular that ignited the spark of solid desire: Rainbow Six Siege.

I am one of those gamers who can throw on his proverbial hipster scarf and glasses and honestly say I was playing Rainbow Six before it was cool, before Rainbow Six was ever even a console title. I spend many nights in college sneaking around digital corporations with my heartbeat sensor stealthily stealing information and initiating hostage rescues from the Columbian jungles with nothing but a suppressed MP-5 and NVG's. So the announcement of not only a new title but a few new directions really has me excited. But this excitement leaves me wondering how to fill that tactical room clearing bug. Luckily for me, the timing is perfect. One of my favorite alpha stage titles on Steam just moved to beta phase the other night and I am VERY excited to try all the new features. The game is one I have followed and played repeatedly from its third or fourth alpha stage and it is called Door Kickers.

Door Kickers is a top-down breach and clear strategy game from indie developer Killhouse Games. You command a SWAT team on a variety of missions from simple terrorist elimination to hostage rescues and explosive device recovery. Crime scenes include wooded cabins, jetliners, hotels, banks, concert halls, and pricy mansions. The variety of missions and locals keep this game fresh and make every mission its own experience, regardless how many times you have played it.

Two Team Members Prepping to Clear the Motel

Door Kickers isn't a first or third person shooter, it is a game of thought and planning. With each situation and scene, you select your team. You can go with speed, using only point men carrying ballistic vests and side arms, pressing for close quarters combat. Some situations may require a more ranged attack, demanding the use of assaulters with their rifles and extended magazines. Other situations may require speed and brute strength at close range in the form of a breacher with their shotgun. Still other situations may call for a more direct approach, utilizing riot shields that are slow but can soak up the damage from enemy weapons.

In Planning Mode for a Fast and Loud Hostage Rescue

Do you go in fast and loud or slow and quiet? The choices are all yours and you can approach each situation in your own way. But choose wrong or make a mistake and there is a price to pay. Have a team member cross an open doorway and you may learn why they are referred to as "fatal funnels". Move in loud but too slow and a hostage will end up with a bullet through their skull. Anticipate an enemy's movements wrong and your sniper loses visual before being able to shoot and you end up with a terrorist running loose in the house.

Fatal Funnel Lesson Learned

The mechanics of the game are easy to grasp, but successful tactics take time, and lots of mistakes, to master. If you want a new challenge, there is a level editor to make your own. Want to go further, check out the workshop for mods and levels designed by the community, many of which are devious and complicated.

The Newly Implemented Skill Tree

If you're feeling the tactical itch, give Door Kickers a shot (ha ha, PUN!). It's worth it.

The Basics are Easy to Master

Leading out the Assault with Sniper Fire Evens the Odds a Bit