First, and foremost, happy Christmas Eve from The ADVENTure Game Calendar, our unofficial advent calendar counting the days to Christmas and talking about one of my favorite gaming genres that is slowly starting to see mainstream popularity again: adventure games. Today is our last featured series and it is one I saved for last. Today we are going to talk about the adventure game series I think is the best series as a whole from every adventure series out there. While I have yet to play its most recent entry, this series has found its way into a number of other games via cameos, puns, and references. It is without a doubt the funniest adventure series out there and is a gaming series everybody should play. Today we talk about the pirate-ish adventures from:

The Monkey Island series is a stand-out and hilarious series of adventures of the unflappable Guybrush Threepwood as he seeks to carve out his fortune as a pirate...of sorts. In a time where adventure games were ruled by titles where the player could make a game unwinnable or die at the drop of a hat, Monkey Island made it impossible for no-win situations to happen (a feat requiring serious amounts of planning given how complex adventure games can be) and making it very difficult to get into a situation where Threepwood can die (though it can and does happen on occasion).  This addition in the LucasArts library is one part pirate, two parts comedy, and one part Pirates of the Caribbean (the ride, not the movies...).

I got my start into Monkey Island purely by chance. One summer, while I was visiting my grandparents in Reno, I tracked down a used Sega CD from classified ads in the newspaper (we didn't have Craigslist or Ebay back then). Along with the system, two games were bundled, Tomcat Alley (a flight sim of sorts I could never beat) and The Secret of Monkey Island, the first entry in the Monkey Island series. With no other games to try out on the system and my inability to shoot in a Tomcat jet, I gave the game a shot. I was hooked on the story instantly, finding it hilarious that the outcome of sword fights was not the skill of the user, but the ability to use one-line insults to top the one-line insults of my opponent. The series spoke to my funny bone and tickled my pirate side (or is it the other way around?).

The first entry in the series, The Secret of Monkey Island debuted in 1990 and received major acclaim from critics and consumers. At this point, it should be no shock to realize this is yet another title that bears the name of Tim Schafer in its credits as well as David Grossman. The entry is so loved that it was re-released on Xbox 360, PS3, as well as the iPad via digital distribution. The second entry, LeChuck's Revenge, was also an immediate success, seeing re-releases of its own in recent years. In fact, of all the entries I have played (which is all except for the most recent Tales of Monkey Island) are amazing and really should not be overlooked by any gamer looking for a fun adventure game. What other game out there can say they had a high school get permission from LucasArts to make the game into a play? Seriously, what game?

I have enjoyed sharing these adventure games with you in hopes that I could inspire everyone to give them a try. This is one of those series where I wish I had a copy to give to every single person because it is a series of games that REALLY, REALLY deserves to be played by every generation of gamers. The story is beyond compare, the humor is timed perfectly and I have nothing but fond memories of these games. If you ever listen to one piece of advice from me, listen to this one: every person's gaming experience that lacks at least a few hours behind a Monkey Island title is missing something brilliant and bright. Go out there and find one of these games, be it PC, Xbox, PS3, or anything else you might have, find it, and love it. They really are the best series of adventure games out there.

Thanks for reading the ADVENTure Game Calendar, tomorrow will be the final entry and I will have prizes to give out to people who read and comment on these adventure game blogs and they are fun prizes (adventure games). So comment below and check out the other entries and add a comment or two, your support means a lot.

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