It's day 19 here on the ADVENTure Game Calendar and we have paid homage thus far to 18 wonderful adventure titles I have played. Adventure games are interesting, their stories are often humorous, and they truly help teach life lessons life why you don't walk out into an airlock before shutting the bay doors while in space or that failure to do a routine inspection of your tires will inevitably lead to you leaving the police station with a flat tire. Today on our calendar, we give respect to a game that teaches that life isn't fair, your superiors are always going to give you the jobs that are either terrible or they simply cannot do, and sometimes you need to use something so ridiculous to solve a puzzle that any other context would be downright ludicrous. Yes, adventure fans, today we show our respect to one of the most difficult yet most funny adventure games of all time:

The Discworld titles are based in the world created by renowned author, Terry Pratchett, and follows the misadventures of the bumbling idiot wizard named Rincewind. Rincewind, who was voiced by Monty Python's own Eric Idle, is tasked with doing the bidding of his bosses The Unseen University who can scarcely remember his name, often referring to him by other names like Breakwind. I was not aware of this, but as I did my research I was surprised to find that there was more than one Discworld game (I kind of figured fans had taken enough punishment in trying to figure out the puzzles of the first title), and I must now add two games onto my list of titles to play: Discworld 2 and Discworld Noir.

Like most adventure games, Discworld is all about taking everything you can and figuring out how to use it to progress the story. Unfortunately, the beautiful detail of the Discworld universe makes it extremely difficult to figure out what can be taken or interacted with and what cannot. Even once you grab an item, some of the puzzles are so grossly complicated that figuring out what was supposed to go with what was an adventure in clicking everything on everything. Keep in mind, we didn't have internet at the time where 50 different walkthroughs and a Youtube playthrough were available.

I got my hands on Discworld while I was on a spring break school trip to see Washington D.C. While visiting Crystal City, I took a quick trip to the mall and spent the entirety of my souvenir money on Discworld and Star Wars: Dark Forces. My parents weren't too thrilled with me (yet another shining example of why I am not a solid role model for you youth out there) and they tried to ground me from playing the games. That didn't work for too long seeing as I knew where they would stash the forbidden titles and I would get to them and play them anyways, regardless of their reservations. The ensuing months (yes, months) would bring about a good deal of frustration as a clicked on everything over and over again. But, in the end, the hilarious story and amazingly beautiful art was more than worth any gameplay frustrations I might have faced and I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

Discworld was a sadly overlooked and under-rated game because of reviewer and player focus on the challenging gameplay mechanics, but if you are able to look past those flaws, you will find a beautiful game worth at least one playthrough. Track it down on the PC, the PS1 or the Sega Saturn and give it a shot. As for the other Discworld titles, I'm off to find them, get them, and play them. Thanks for reading. Oh yeah, for all you readers who have stuck it out, keep your eyes open as this series winds down, Noobtubin8er Claus has some sweet gifts you could get your hands on!

"I want to be the first person in a game to say 'fu-'" - Rincewind

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