I have been away for so long, I feel like the new guy all over again. For some of you, my name may not even be recognizable. I would like to imagine my presence has been missed by those who do/did know me. For a while, I fell by the wayside, mired down by a crappy job and a subsequent job search which lead me to my new (and much better) job. This was followed by a period of never being home and an unfortunate accident with my Xbox...which may or may not be discussed at a later time, it all depends on my mood.

This blog is not only to herald my return (though with slightly diminished presence due to the IT restrictions in my new office), it is to make a special announcement and a call to arms of sorts. Prior to my absence, I started my one and only series blog: XCOM Team GIO. It was a series of blogs where I placed my fellow GIOers into the shoes of my XCOM team and then wrote how I envisioned the story playing out. This developed even further, going outside the battlefield to the stories of the characters I envisioned these GIOers becoming. Triumphs were felt along with gut-wretching deaths, told in word as I interpreted the combat of the actual game I was playing. The story still exists in my blog archives for all to read (go ahead, read them, we'll wait).

Sadly, this story will go into the bin of stories left unfinished. Along with the demise of my Xbox was the demise of the save file. So we must bid farewell to the crafted characters and heart-pounding story. However, all is not lost.

While I may no longer have my Xbox, I have a perfectly good PC...and the Steam summer sale happened to have some interesting titles aboard. That being said, andwithout further ado, I would like to officially announce the impending start of the XCOM: Team GIO reboot!

New episodes will begin being played and recorded this week with hopes of a fully crafted episode by next Friday with a weekly release. But, before I can get started, I need some volunteers. Who wants to help kick some alien butt?!

I really hope to see some of the veterans pitch their hats into the ring here, so even if you were in the first run, please feel free to pipe up. I am really excited as the PC will offer better image quality as well as the potential for video at some point!