As many of you know, I am embarking on a project to bring together the GIO crew and working on my skills at fiction writing. This is what has inspired XCOM Team GIO. What follows are the continuing exploits of that team. If you want to be featured on the team, please let me know. However, please be patient asd there are a lot of people involved and I am trying to keep them all alive...I swear I am.


Corporal Gardner and Squaddie Ace13 stood at the entrance to the hangar, watching the new recruits file off the ramp of the unmarked Skyranger.

"They look like a bunch of baby deer, stuck in the headlights of a MAC truck." Ace quipped.

"Not a whole lot unlike yourself." Jack responded as he chuckled at Ace's observation.

"Where's Corporal Saint at?" Ace asked.

Jack looked at the ground and rubbed an imaginary spot with his foot. "He's been in his cabin ever since we got back from Germany and hasn't talked with many of the crew. From the grapevine, it sounds like he blames himself for Jeremina's death. Wasn't his fault though, just bad luck."

"Heard you put a bullet in the alien's head, that's pretty bada**."

Before Jack could respond, the door to the Commander's office burst open. "What a load of crap! Tell the engineers to find another way!" Commander Noobtubin8er stormed out of his office, yelling at the officer who had apparently just delivered some very bad news from the engineering.

"There a problem, sir?" Jack stood straight and asked.

"The nerds and geeks in engineering and research wan t us to capture an alien alive and their suggestions for how to accomplish it are...well, it doesn't matter right now, we'll sort it out when we come to it. We have bigger fish to fry right now." the Commander responded. "The aliens have stepped up their abductions and we have our resources spread thin enough as it is. I have Corporal Mrkvicka training some new recruits in tactics and Corporal Saint's head isn't on straight at the moment. So, I need the two of you to take a couple of Rookies and look into an abduction site in Mexico. I have two recruits in mind."

Passing the two dossiers to Ace and Gardner, the Commander continued. "Rookie Jolt the Cynic has a huge ego and a mouth to boot. Rookie Daniel Jones is quiet, but has a hobby of playing with puppets, so he may not be entirely mentally stable, watch him. Above all, watch each other. Corporal, you've got lead on this mission, get it done."

"Yes sir." Gardner responded.

The Team Preps for Operation Swift Mother

Operation Swift Mother
Chihuahua, Mexico
Undisclosed Construction Site

"Alright team, it's time!" Corporal Gardner called as the Skyranger's heads up lights kicked on. "Remember, eyes open and watch each other's backs."

"Did he say watch each other's backsides?" Rookie Cynic asked Jones. "If so, giggity."

The Skyranger's ramp decended and the team quickly disembarked, scanning the field for any sign of alien movement. The construction site appeared to be abandoned. The small office building to the northeast was dark, no computers or lights were on and there was only silence to be heard.

Cynic pushed north, taking cover behind a portable toilet next to the office building, struggling to prevent himself from removing his hand from his nose from the stench.

Squaddie Ace was right behind, stacking on the southern door of the office building. Through glass window on the door, she could see through the northern-most window and identified two sectoid enemies who likewise saw her and took cover. Signaling the enemy positions to Gardner, Ace popped cover smoke and threw it west, covering Cynic's position and providing cover for the team.

Following Ace's lead, Jones moved forward and stacked on the door opposite Ace's position scanning the area where the aliens had been sighted seeing no movement.

Ace13 Pops Smoke to Cover the Team's Advance

Corporal Gardner sprinted towards the door kicking it open and taking a cover position behind a wall in an office room. Peering around the corner, Gardner realized he now had direct sight on one of the sectoid targets. "I've got visual on one tango, through the window."

The sectoid in Gardner's line of sight turned to the west and took mind control of another unseen sectoid. "Watch yourself, Jolt," Jack called "Those mind controlled sectoids can be a pain."

Before Cynic could respond, the hidden sectoid burst from behind cover, trying to flank Cynic to the west and firing as it went. Jolt tucked in close to the wall, the shots from the sectoid disintegrating the portable toilet and covering Jolty with its filthy contents.

Jolt yelled in anger and disgust, preparing to return fire. But before he could, Gardner fired a shot at the sectoid controlling the mind of the other. The shot was right on target, removing the sectoid's head from its body. The controlled sectoid fell to the ground, dead from the abrupt disconnection with its controller.

Squad Leader Gardner Prepares to Kill Two Aliens With One Bullet

"He was mine!" Jolt screamed.

"Doesn't matter." Gardner responded. "Jolt, press forward to the northwest corner of the building, keep your eyes on the west. Kill anyone who decides to move over there. Jones, press forward into the office and take cover behind the desk in front of me. Ace, make sure he doesn't do anything stupid."

Ace pressed forward into the building taking cover behind a filing cabinet in a room in front of Gardner. "Clear!" Ace called.

Outside, Jolt did as ordered, taking cover behind a crate on the northwest side of the building and scanning for targets.

Jones, ran to the east side of the office, jumping through a window and rolling forward upon impact with the floor. Without skipping a beat, he continued to sprint forward, taking cover behind a desk next to Ace.

Jack stared at Jones for a minute. "Well, that was just...special..." Gardner quipped.

"The door was too predictable. An alien might have shot me if I went the same way you and Squaddie Ace went." Jones responded.

"Riiiiiiiggggght." Gardner and Ace said in unison.

Just then, two sectoids came running from cover to the northeast side of the building, running west and probably trying to escape the combat zone. Ace unleashed a reactionary barrage on one of the sectoids, shooting just wide. Jolt peeked around the corner at the commotion and opened fire on the same sectoid, killing it.

"Suck on that!" Rookie Cynic yelled and he gave the bird to the dead sectoid.

Rolling his eyes, Gardner aimed down his S.C.O.P.E. and fired a shot through the back of the head of the other enemy target.

The team finished a sweep of the area, identifying all targets were down and calling the Skyranger back in and the science team for cleanup and recovery of any important materials.

As the ramp to the Skyranger opened, one of the pilots stepped back to greet the team. "I new you were new and all, but you didn't need to crap your pants at the first sight of an alien." The pilot laughed endlessly as Cynic boarded the craft.

Without skipping a beat, Jolt the Cynic brought his feet up between the pilot's legs, kicking him in the sensitive part of the male anatomy and said "Bite me."

Gardner and Ace remained silent on the trip back while Jones regaled the Skyranger with his heroic act of window pane destruction and Jolt the Cynic sat quiet, exiled by the rest of the team from the smell.

The team stepped off the Skyranger as the armory crew stepped up to relieve them of their gear. A short distance away, Commander Noobtubin8er approached the team.

"Excellent work out there, team. Rookie Cynic, I'm happy to promote you to the rank of Squaddie and assign you to the position of sniper. Now, go take a shower, you stink." Noobtubin8er turned to Jack "Your tactics on the field and having Jones bust through a window have earned you the nickname of Loki around here...keep it up."

Jolt Accepts His Promotion and Sniper Assignment