It's funny, every year we all gather together with as much family as we can afford to, we gorge ourselves upon a turkey and sides until we are prepared to pass out, and express our gratitude for all of the things we have. Then, just hours later, we run to stores to replace all of that with new stuff we will be thankful for next year.


Honestly, it is not all that different from the gaming world. One minute, we have the greatest game in the world (to us) and the next we are drooling over the newest game on the shelf, forgetting just how much we enjoyed the games we already have. It isn't that we don't enjoy those games, there are just so many experiences for us to enjoy that it is difficult to pass them by whenever we have the chance to pick them up.

I, myself, am just as guilty in this area as anyone else. In fact, here are a few choice games I have that have recently fallen by the wayside when it comes to time in my console but I am still grateful for the experiences I have had with them:

Due partly to the controversy surrounding the ending of this title, it took me quite some time to get around to finishing Mass Effect 3. I am so sorry it took me so long as I found this to be one of the best games of the year and a fitting ending to the series I have come to love over my years on the Xbox 360. The multiplayer is very addicting, making you want to play over and over to unlock your favorite weapons from the single player campaign. I could easily play this game, or any of the other games in the series, for a very long time.

While many professional reviewers gave Ghost Recon: Future Soldier lukewarm scores I absolutely love playing this game. While the multiplayer aspect is not horribly entertaining for me, the campaign in co-op is challenging and a lot of fun, especially with friends who enjoy playing with tactics and trying new methods of approaching various situations.


Medal of Honor: Warfighter got so much unwarranted hate from the reviewing community. Many gave it worse scores than they gave to Star Wars Kinect (one of the worst video game titles ever devised by man) but the story was excellent and the gameplay was quite good. While this was a title I played and returned it as I was only interested in the single player story, it was a gaming experience I am glad I had and on I wish more of my fellow gamers could have. Unfortunately, with the cost of games these days and the way the economy is, so many people will skip this title because of the low scores.

While looking through my games on Xbox Live, I noticed the last time I played Skyrim was back in January...JANUARY! With The Old Republic sidetracking me early in the year, followed by the rlease of Mass Effect 3, I have yet to return to the world of Skyrim. Though, with some amazing looking DLC coming in a few short weeks, I will be putting this game back in the Xbox shortly. While many criticize open world games, I love them and the endless replay value they offer and Skyrim is the king of this in my house.

While we're on the topic of games that distracted me from Skyrim, Star Wars: The Old Republic was awesome. The story for the Jedi Knight was one of the better Star Wars video game stories I have experienced since the first Knights of the Old Republic. While I got through most of the bounty hunter's campaign, I just could justify the continued monthly expense for the game. While it is free to play now, I have heard that it just isn't the same and practically begs you to pay for the monthly subscription charges. There are times when I really miss this game, it was some great fun.

In short, as we celebrate the wonderful holiday where we gorge ourselves on turkey, potatoes, and pie; giving thanks for the blessings we have (and the new blessings we are about to buy), let us not forget those games that may have fallen into our peripheral gaming vision. Also, as we enjoy the holiday season and prepare for was at the Black Friday sales, let us not forget the words of the great Winston Churchill: "We make a living on what we get, but we make a life by what we give."