So, the weekend is over and our bodies and minds are probably all still trying to recover from 24 hours of video games, I know mine have yet to. But it was all worth it, as a community we raised $10,846.03 (at the time of writing this, some additional donations may continue to trickle in)! This is HUGE!!!! You may not realize it, but we were the 16th highest raising team (again, at the time of writing this) out of over 2,000 teams!

Goodness, that was a lot of exclamation points in a single paragraph, but it shows just how excited we are about this and how much we really appreciate the participation of the GameInformer Community. Whether you raised $100, $5, or just raised awareness about the event, you deserve every bit of gratitude I can offer, so thank you very much!

I want to thank mojomonkey12 for having the inspiration to form Team GIO last year and for his support for this year's event. We wouldn't be here without him. Also, big thanks must go to our team leader this year, Jack Gardner. Jack's leadership and shameless exploitation of inside connections really helped make this year what it was, you rock! Finally, to the GameInformer editors and interns who stuck out the marathon with a livestream, thank you for the laughs and for your participation. I'm kind of sorry I made you play Lair, but you also could have avoided it if you had a copy of XCOM hanging around...just saying.

The Numbers
With the thanks out of the way, it's time to get down to the fun, the raffle prizes. Before I announce all the winners, allow me to break down some numbers for you (I am a shameless accountant). The numbers below do not include any GI Editors, Jack Gardner, mojomonkey12, or myself who are ineligible for any of the prizes to start with.

Number of participants: 76
Total raffle tickets earned: 1,396
Raffle tickets redeemed: 487 (35%)
Raffle with the lowest ticket requests: Max Payne for the 360 (9 tickets)
Raffle with the highest ticket requests: $60 game from Jack (148 tickets)
Number of entrants who placed at least one ticket in every raffle: 2
Number of raffles with only 2 entrants: 3

The Process
For the entire event, I built a tracking spreadsheet to automatically calculate points and keep track of raffle entries as they came in. On Sunday, October 21st at 10:00 pm EST I updated all monetary totals and checked all forms of authorized raffle entry communication (Twitter, GIO Conversation, and the raffle email address). I made any raffle request changes and additions and began building spreadsheets for the actual drawings with each person receiving one entry per ticket redeemed for each prize. Using a true random number generator that utilizes atmospheric noise rather than algorithms to generate numbers, random numbers were drawn to determine the winner on each spreadsheet.

The Winners
Now for the real fun, announcing the winners of each raffle:

Raffle #1: Max Payne for the Xbox 360
Winner: Eyros2k 

Raffle #2: Wheel of Time - The Gathering Storm autographed by Brandon Sanderson
Winner: Stranger

Raffle #3: An E3 Swag Bag
Winner: The Knutsen

Raffle #4: A year's subscription to PS+
Winner: Eyros2k

Raffle #5: $20 Microsoft Xbox Live Code (1600 MS points)
Winner: markus1142

Raffle #6: $20 PSN Code
Winner: ace13

Raffle #7: Overblood - The Super Replay Edition (autographed by the souls who endured it for SuperReplay)
Winner: BTAG

Raffle #8: PC Gaming Pack from Take 2 Interactive
Winner: Stranger

Raffle #9: $60 game from Jack Gardner (your choice)
Winner: Kyle Wadsworth

Raffle #10: Adventure Time Season 1 on DVD
Winner: Turd Furgy

Congratulations to everybody who won!

Before I sign off of this blog, I want to express my gratitude to everyone for their participation and their sacrifices to make this such a great event. It is my hope that we can make it even bigger next year, so keep your October calendars open for 2013!

As for me, my marathon was filled with good friends, new friends and adventures. We looted chests in Pandora (Borderlands 2), crafted some mines...and towers... and castles... and houses (Minecraft), crashed castles (Castle Crashers), demolished coup-obsessed terrorists as a spec ops team (Ghost Recon: Future Soldier), and played some soccer on the pitch (FIFA '13). To those I played with, thanks for making the 24 hours even more enjoyable!