Here we are, just days away (at the time of writing this) from our 24 hour marathon of gaming to do our part to save kids who really need our help. To those who have already joined the team, thank you for your time and devotion and keep working hard these last couple of days to get some more donations. For those who haven't joined, what the heck are you waiting for?! Go join and be an instrument for good to kids who need something good in their lives.

I believe I speak for our Team Captain (Jack Gardner), and our founder (mojomonkey12), when I say that we are all exceptionally proud of what you all have accomplished so far this year. We have already more than doubled what we were able to raise last year and we still have a few days to go. So get those stragglers who promised to donate and get them to make good on those promises.

Yes, I am aware of the terrible spelling, but the picture is awesome!

While the raffle program is a reward for those who are participating and raising money, we also want to recognize those that are cheering us on. Therefore, as a gesture of thanks to both those who are participating in the team and those who could not join but are giving us their support, Jack, Mojo, and I will be giving out prizes throughout the day on Saturday to those who game with us, watch the GameInformer streaming event and offer their support via Twitter.

So, on Saturday October 20th, follow us on Twitter (@RiverboatJack @mojomonkey_12  @brianseavey), join us on-line (see our profiles or ask us for our gamertags), or tune in to the GameInformer live feed with Jack and the GI crew for your chance to win. Whether you are raising money or not, you can still win a prize.

We have lots of games to give away including download codes for Torchlight, Resident Evil 4 HD, The Walking Dead Season Pass, Journey, and even a game room decoration pack filled with posters and other awesome video game related swag. So keep your eyes open and do what you can to join us. At some point during the day, I will be asking participants to put on their creative hats and jump into a creative session of Minecraft 360 for a chance to win a full download of Resident Evil 5 with the gold content bonus for the 360!

Again, a big thanks to everyone you has participated this year and don't forget to use those raffle tickets before Sunday at 10:00pm PST!