After weeks of consideration and determination, I have figured out the system for the distribution of most of our prizes. We are going to use a digital raffle ticket system. Raffle tickets will be earned in four methods:

  • Join Team GIO = 2 raffle tickets
  • Recruit someone to join Team GIO = 1 raffle ticket per person recruited
  • Money raised by your recruits = 1 ticket for every $10 your recruits raise (rounded)
  • Money you raise = 1 ticket for every $5 you raise (rounded)

I have put together an awesome spreadsheet that will track everyone's points. As we approach October 20th, raffle prizes will be announced and you simply need to tell me what prize(s) you want to put your tickets in on. You can put them all on one prize or one on every prize; how you choose to assign your tickets is up to you. Each prize will be drawn during the event on October 20th at different times, all of which will be announced with the prizes in the coming days. You can deposit your raffle tickets starting now and all the way up until an hour before the raffle occurs. Keep an eye on the Team GIO Official Raffle Forum for details of each raffle basket.


Should you choose not to participate, you simply need to do nothing. Raffle tickets cannot be transferred to another person though if you win a prize, you may transfer the prize to another person (it is your property).

Obviously, as the prize drawer, I am ineligible for any and all prizes.

Now, with all that being said, this is out there to give you incentive to go a little further and raise money for kids who really, really need it. The other day, I was invitted to and played in a charity golf tournament put on by Southwest Airlines for the Ronald McDonald house in Los Angeles. The house in LA is right across the street from the local Children's Miracle Network Hospital in LA and many of the kids who go there have to stay in that house because they cannot pay for a hotel, let alone their medical bills. I had the opportunity to meet some of these kids and they really need our help. So let's step up our game and get some donations!

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