[Final Update] The drawing took place LAST NIGHT and we have a winner! Congrats to Frosty for winning a download to code for a PC version of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, compliments of Shootist2600 and Team GIO! Keep your eyes peeled for more prizes, next drawing will be announced soon.

[Update] Sorry to press down everyone's outstanding blogs (yes, I have been reading them). I just wanted to take a moment to remind everyone that there is just a little over a week left for your entries to win Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. We have raised a bit of money, but we can do so much better. Let's keep going! [End Update]

My goodness it has been a while since I last blogged. Some of you know that life has been extra crazy for me lately and I have some major life-changing decisions I have to make within the next couple of weeks. In addition to this, many of you know that I am helping out with Team GIO 2012 for this year's Extra-Life event on October 20th.

To give everyone a quick update, we are up to 34 members at the time I am writing this, but only about $780. I know, I am saying only because we still have some time left before the event itself and I am confident we will raise plenty more between now and then. However, we can do more now. So, to give you a little bit of positive poking and prodding, I am announcing a drawing for active participation between now and July 18th.

At 10:00pm pacific time on the 18th, we will have a drawing for a PC download code for the full version of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier! How do you enter this drawing? There are three ways:

  • 1) Join Team GIO 2012 for this year's Extra Life event (1 entry)
  • 2) Recruit a friend, coworker, family member, guy on the street, etc... to join Team GIO (1 entry per recruit)
  • 3) Earn one entry for every $5 you raise between now and July 18th with an unlimited number of entries

You can do all three and greatly increase your chances of winning. And this drawing is but the tip of the iceberg. We have got some amazing prizes based on your donations and the donations of those you recruit coming up (more details to come soon). However, and more importantly, the work you do and the donations you receive go to help real kids with serious illnesses.

To join the team, click this link and click the "Join this Team" button.

For more information on Extra-Life, visit their website.

Check out and join the Team GIO 2012 forum group and talk with the members.

Hope to see you on the team this year!