[Final Update]
Our winner has been determined and a huge thanks to everyone who has signed up. Stay tuned as there are mor prizes and drawings to come including drawings for raising money! In the meantime, congratulations to our first prize winner who signed up for Team GIO as Brandon Parris! You have won a Humble Indie Bundle V. Watch the email you signed up under as either Jack or myself will be sending you your redemption link shortly. Again, congratulations and watch for more chances to win!
[End Update]

As you may have read in mojomonkey12's blog which was posted not long ago (sorry if it seems like we are bombarding, I was waiting impatiently for mojo's blog to come out first), we are trying to get a solid jumpstart on this year's Extra-Life charity event. 

To help us get a jump start, we are going to have a little drawing. If you sign up for Team GIO by June 6th, 6:00 pm pacific time (an homage to 2011's team captain), you will be entered to win a code for the Humble Indie Bundle V! Even better, if you spread the word and get someone else to sign up (they must confirm your name to me in a message, saying you got them to sign up) you will get an additional entry in the drawing (your friend will still also get an entry), no limitations on the number of entries. However, please know that we still want you and your friends to try hard to get donations, as we move along there will be prizes available as you get more donations (more on that in the future).

Click here to visit the Team GIO site and join. Don't want to join, feel free to donate on behalf of any member of the team. We never see the money, it goes straight to the kids and is 100% tax deductible (important for us accounting nerds).

So, what is the Humble Indie Bundle? Only the coolest bundle of indie games out there for PC, Mac or Linux (sorry, no console codes). The bundle includes:

  • Amnesia: Dark Descent
  • Psychonauts
  • Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery
  • Bastion

The bundle also includes FLAC and MP3's for all five game soundtracks! The bundle is worth just about $110. For more info, visit the website.

So, please, join Team GIO in helping kids who may not get to see the next big game release, and win yourself some pretty awesome games at the same time! The event itself is amazing and I know we are planning on putting in a lot of group activities you can join in on and have a lot of fun. I had a blast last year.

*Must have a valid email address to win