Some of you may have read my post regarding my distaste for PC gaming. If you haven't as the author with a completely unbiased opinion, I highly recommend you go read it. That being said, there is one thing, and one thing only that could pull me out of my shell when it comes to PC games: Star Wars. It happened back in 2004 with Knights of the Old Republic (I didn't yet have an Xbox at the time) and it happened to me again just a couple of months ago with its MMO successor, The Old Republic.


I honestly cannot help it; I am a Star Wars junkie. I have read nearly every Star Wars novel and comic book written (for those unaware, there are well over 100 novels and short stories out there in the Star Wars universe), even my two sons have Star Wars inspired names (though they are not obvious like Obi-wan, or Yoda). So, it is no surprise I would put aside my angst for PC games and the MMO genre to play a Star Wars game with a story.

As I started my journey, I was forced to choose my class. With my four favorite Star Wars characters of all time being a bounty hunter, a smuggler, and two Jedi, I found the decision quite difficult but ended up taking the path of the Jedi Knight, specializing as a Sentinel with two lightsabers.

My Jedi, inventively named Noobtubinater, is the picture of professionalism (though he can get down when necessary):


With my once trusty sidekick Mojomonkey, we would rid the world of gangs and Sith one planet at a time:

I even joined a biker gang. Look ma, no hands!


On the weekends I change from super-serious Jedi


To a wise-crackin' pilot


In my spare time, I like to put nasty droids with blasters in their place: the scrap heap.


The Jedi Council looks up to me and seeks my wise guidance frequently


One of my favorite ideas brought out in The Old Republic is that of Jedi and love. Over years Jedi have steered away from this emotion, some may even say that it is what drove Anakin to become Vader, but the truth of the matter is that love is one of the most powerful forces in the galaxy, even beyond the Force itself. With this in mind, my character has fallen in love with and has married his Padawan, Kira Carsen (it does help that, for a CGI character she is attractive):


My adventures have taken me across the galaxy to stop a world from burning


To help a small resistance fight the Empire


Even help an oddly strange person from the same species as Yoda:


To rescue a mysterious Jedi from Maelstrom Prison


Over the past few weeks, I have grown attached to the story, which is really quite good, and I really want to see the end to it. However, at the same time, I want to see the end of Mass Effect just as much, making a very difficult decision. But, I think my journey with Noobtubinater is not yet over. However, my original and sub-standard video card did make for a couple of interesting moments like this:

Who knows, when I come back, I may just be pursuaded to the Dark Side....