Before I delve too much into today’s blog post, I must explain something first. I have an extreme distaste for social media like Facebook. Don’t get me wrong, I believe it has its place as a way to reconnect with people we haven’t seen in years, but to communicate with friends and family we see every day is just garbage. For additional details on why I can’t stand that “social” media site, watch the South Park Episode titled “You Have 0 Friends” (season 14, episode 4).


A few years back, I had a boss who would blame my sleepiness on my “gaming habit” rather than the fact I had a newborn son who loved to scream all night. He said I had no social life because of my addiction, but would repeatedly send me invites on Facebook to join his Mob in Mafia or check out his digital farm in Farmville. When I asked about the difference between my playing Modern Warfare on-line versus these games, he explained that they were “social games that bring friends together.” My fellow GIO community members, the title “social game” placed on these games is a lie and must be exposed as such.


Being social is about coming together as a group of people, sharing ideas and bonding as friends not sending invites to come take a look at a digital patch of tomatoes you are about to harvest or joining a mob so you can get some extra energy and pull off a digital bank heist. If you do accept an invite to one of these games, it is not like your friend will be giving you a personal guided tour of their 32-bit plantation and you certainly won’t be a digital wheel man for a bank heist. You will be looking at a glorified version of The Oregon Trail, except in this version there is no destination and rather than hunt for extra food, you have to pay cash.


Let’s be honest, true video games exist for three reasons: to justify the existence of a business, make money for shareholders (an important part of capitalism), and to provide entertainment to its purchasers. But so-called social gaming is nothing more than an addiction pumping you for money every time you run out of [insert game currency or motivator here].


On-line gamers (including those that play MMORPGs) are far more social than anyone who sits for hours watering their pixilated cabbage patch. Unfortunately, these “social” games make us look bad as gamers or those that enjoy video games. So, I call on you my fellow GIO brothers and sisters to step away from your Facebook page for a moment, raise both fists in the air, extend both middle fingers, and scream a loud $%#& you to companies like Zynga that publish this kind of crap and let it be called “social gaming”, because it is nothing but lies and a way to take your money without giving a crap.