The story behind air force gator is a tale of revenge and redemption. The story starts on september 11th 2001, After a night of heavy drinking, Pill popping and sex it seems just like any other day in the life of air force gator. That is until the *** hits the fan in the world outside air force gator's hotel room. After leaving the military dishonorably, Air force gator has a new found fire in his belly because of 9/11, And nothing is going to get in his way to avenge the dead. But when a long lost and thought to be dead enemy returns, It's up to air force gator to re-assemble his old team and track down his old foe, Before he turns the whole human race in to crocodiles.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                I've been a fan of dan ryckert's reviews for a long time now, And when i heard he had written a book i knew i had to read it. And i was not disappointed. It is a fun and campy and unique novel that will have you turning page after page. The two biggest problems that i had with the book were it was to short, It's only 145 pages long and the font is huge i felt like i was reading a chapter book, Not a novel. And the other problem i had was the novel was great with the big picture, But the little details were left in the dust. However for what its about i'd say that's not to big a deal. Air force gator is a really funny and entertaining novel that will keep you busy for a few hours. Most of the jokes are about air force gator's small arms and how he can't salute, And there are more than a few Dick joke as well. As the novel progresses it goes from a goofy novel an alligator with a drinking problem, To a novel an alligator hell-bent on revenge and no one can stop him. Overall, Air force gator is a great and funny novel about an alligator who can fly a plane better than you or me. With great action and a fun sense of humor air force gator is a must read for anybody looking for a good book to sit down and enjoy.