".361( Destruction of life; violent death ) Killing." 361 is a novel by donald e. westlake. It's about the bond between family, the mob and overall revenge. 361 is about one man and his brother's quest for revenge. After getting out of the air force, Ray kelly needs to find out what he wants to do with his life. But first he needs to avenge his fathers death. With the help of his brother, Bill, Ray tracks down the one man who might have the answers. With the mob hot on their tails, It looks like time is running out for the two kelly boys.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Recently i went back and played through L.A. noire ( a game about a cop in 1940s L.A. ) and it got me hooked, I wanted more and so i deceided to find more in the same vain as L.A. noire, Thats when i stumble upon 361. 361 is a crime fiction novel published in 1962, And is 208 pages long. 361 is about two men getting revenge on the mob for their fathers death. The story can be a bit goofy. It's a good read, nut there is very little meat, That being said this novel can also be, Pretty exciting. Most of the chapters end with some pretty big cliff-hangers. And towards the end there are some big plot twist, that can be seen a mile away. But that does not mean that when it happens, it's not cool as hell. The characters are a bit one dimensional, What you see is what you get. The story is all about revenge. The characters fit in with the story, but do not much else. Overall 361 is about two men's quest for revenge. This is still an awesome novel with some exciting parts and intense moments. Once the action starts it does not let up. Everything leading up to the end is pretty great, then you get to the climax, And it feels a little below bar with the rest of the novel. But if you can look past that, then you will really enjoy 361.