With the upcoming release of Mariokart 8, many fans (including me) have been excitedly waiting for the game. With each new installment, there are always plenty of new karts, items, and drivers. While watching trailers for the game, I started speculating about all the new stuff that hadn't been confirmed yet. I thought up 5 items that I thought would be cool or fun. The list doesn't go in any particular order. Enjoy the list and tell me your favorite on the list or any ideas you have in the comments!



  1.Barrel Cannon

Just like the barrel cannon from the DK Jungle track, this would be a smaller version of that. If a player is in a lower place needs to catch up, this item would shoot low ranking opponents across the stage and get them into the top 3. This could be an alternative to the Bullet Bill when you need to fly across the map and it wouldn't launch you into walls like the Bullet Bill occasionally does.


2.Mario's Hammer

Wouldn't it be fun to slam all of your opponents out of the way with this? Anyone besides the first place car could wield this hammer and smack cars or obstacles out of their way. It could smack away a bomb in front of you and flatten enemies instead of just knocking them away like the tanooki suit.  This item would allow anyone lower 2nd to force themselves into the lead and flatten their opponents.



3.Cloud Flower

Just like in the Mario Galaxy series, this item would allow players to get boosted up by clouds to avoid pits, opponents items, and allow for players to cut across the course for shortcuts. This item could avoid any obstacle, besides lightning and blue shells. It could help players in the middle of the pack to gain positions while other items cause chaos on the track.



4. Boomerang Flower

This useful item would allow players to toss a boomerang in any direction, to knock players or obstacles out of the way. They would be short distance projectiles that would be especially useful for last minute charges for a good finish. Any player in 3rd place or under could get this item and conquer their opponents.



5. The Penguin Suit

The penguin suit is a fan favorite for it's cute appearance and usefulness. Kart wheels would fold into the bottom of the kart and it would turn into a sled. Players could slide like the penguin in the game while launching ice at their fellow drivers. People in the back of the pack would have the best shot at getting this one. A short theme like the superstar theme would play during the use of the suit and it would last just as long as the superstar.



I hope that Mariokart 8 is great and that is has plenty of new features. With the addition of being able to race on the side and bottom of the track, I've got a feeling that there will be plenty of new surprises. Mariokart 8 launches on May 30th only on Wii U. Did you like any of my ideas? Do you have any ideas for creative, new items? Tell me in the comments below. Thanks for reading and keep on gaming!