Hey Gameinformer readers! I have recently bought Pikmin 3 and I have been loving every minute of it. I am actually planning on making a review of it when I finish it. One of the things I have been thinking about while playing is about all the kinds of pikmin. There are rock,white,yellow,purple,blue,red,and flying. There are many colors of pikmin, but there are still some that haven't been created yet. So while playing, I formed a list of 5 pikmin that I would like to be included in the next Pikmin game. This list dosen't go in any specific order. None of them exist yet so nobody knows which would be best.



1. Orange

Orange pikmin could be extremely smart. They could take the smartest route to the onion while carrying stuff and drop what they are carrying and destroy any obstacles in their way, and then continue to carry stuff. They would be a essential kind of pikmin in everyones party.









2. Green

Green pikmin could be toxic proof and be able to jump on top of eachother to create a pikmin ladder or something. It could add a new twist on exploration and because of their 2 buds, they could be very fast.






3. Black

Black pikmin could be used as a melee weapon for the capain. They could also be used just like any other pikmin and have the same strength as a red pikmin. Their flowers, leaves, and bulbs could glow in the dark while in caves to make exploration in the dark easier.







4. Rainbow

What would be cooler than a rainbow pikmin? You could get these pikmin through rainbow candypop buds, or a special nectar that is rainbow colored. They could be super pikmin that could be immune to every element. To balance them out, their attack power would be the same of a average pikmin, and they could recieve damage from enemie impact. Think of how awesome they would be!





5. Grey

Grey pikmin could be invisible to enemy sight. They would be as weak as white pikmin, but they would be great when a player is trying to carry parts or fruit. I think they would be very useful.



What do you think of my list? What new pikmin do you think should be in the next Pikmin game? Tell me in your comments. Keep on gaming!