In videogames, a good villian is sometimes just as important as a good hero. Many villians in the world of video games could actually be main characters in their own game. so I have come up with five popular video game villians that I think deserve the chance to star in their own game.

1.  Bowser 

Bowser tops my list because he is argueably the most popular villian in video game history. He has been in almost every Mario game their is and has been featured as a playable character before, but I think he has been around long enough to get his own game.                

2. Meta knight                                                                                                                  

He has teamed up with kirby so much, i'm not sure if he is a hero or a villian. Regardless, I think it's time he got his own game. He is fun to play as in co-op mode in Return to Dreamland and he can fly, he has a ship, and he has a waesome sword. What Kirby fan would'nt enjoy conquering Dreamland as Meta Knight?

3. Teams from Pokemon games

Imagine, instead of being the usual trainer and beating the game for the good of Pokemon, you could steal Pokemon from trainers and try and conquer the region of your choice. It would be a fresh new direction for he series and I think it would sell like hotcakes.

4. The Joker

Have you ever wanted to rob a bank or just cause mayhem in Arkham city? Well this game would be perfect for you. It would be similar to the newer Batman games and you could enlist the help of other villians. If you put multiplayer in with all of that it would make a really fun game.

5. Darth Vader

I don't think the sith lord has ever had a lead role in a video game, but I sure think he deserves one. You coud go around as Darth Vader and fight against other Jedi and the rebel alliance. It could be open world and have similar features from The Force Unleashed series. I think every Star Wars fan out there would enjoy this experience.

What do you think of my list? Are there any villians that you think should be on the list? If so, comment and tell me.