Hello everybody! (This is my first blog so bear with me as I stumble through this!) I enjoy playing really any kind of game so I have played many game series, but a few stand out as my favorites. Here is my Top 3.

1.The Legend of Zelda Series

The Legend of Zelda is my favorite games series for many reasons. It was the first series I ever really found that the games in the series were all different from each other. When my family got a Gamecube it came with the Collector's Edition, which came with Legend of Zelda, Zelda 2 :the Adventure of Link, Ocarina of Time , Majora's Mask, and a Wind Waker demo. My Dad set up the Gamecube and I put the game in and clicked on Ocarina of Time. I instantly fell in love with it. It felt like I was the one going on the journey. I can save Hyrule.  After I played that I decided to find the older games. What I enjoy about this series is that every game is a different story while still revolving around the same place and same person. Every story makes me understand more of the history of the Land of Hyrule . The characters in the Legend of Zelda make the world feel alive, I even get attached to many of the characters. Each time I finish a Zelda game , I feel as though I've traversed through a land that's always welcoming new heroes to come and finish the story.

2.Final Fantasy Series

 On one of my trips to Gamestop I decided that I was gonna look for a new series to play. I went over to the PS2 rack and found Final Fantasy 12. I bought that, went home, and the started to play it. It took me a while to figure out the battle system but I eventually figured it out. After a while Final Fantasy 13 came out.  Final Fantasy13  became one of my favorite games and it is still my favorite game in the series. I actually enjoyed the stories and the characters. When I finished 13 I decided that I needed to get more Final Fantasy games so my search began ( and it's still not complete). Final Fantasy is one of my favorite game series for theses 3 reasons, 1) The Characters, 2) The leveling system, and 3) The Battle System.  Every Final Fantasy ( other then the ones with the same numbers) follows it's own story and characters. I like that all the characters are so different from each other. Everyone has their own reason for acting the way they do. As I played through the Final Fantasy games I realized that I DO need to level up if I am going to get past many bosses. I didn't realize this till Final Fantasy 13 so I got stuck in a dungeon in 12. I really enjoy the battle system and I'm glad I mastered it as I found that other JRPG's use the same system so i don't have to learn I new system for every game I play.


3.Okami series

I did not know of this game till it came out on the Wii. I saw it and wanted to get it mostly because you got to run around as my favorite animal ( the wolf).  Well there is a lot more to this game then running around as a wolf. You get to play as the Japanese Sun goddess Amaterasu, in wolf form as the reincarnation of the white wolf Shiranui,  as a great evil has spread across the land of Nippon.In Okamiden you play  asAmaterasu's son, Chibiterasu, trying to rid the land of a mysterious curse. I have many reason why I enjoy this series but I shall just give a few. The graphics are amazing. I found the cel-shaded style to fit the story perfectly. The characters in Okami and Okamiden are unforgettable. I grew so attached to this one character that I actually bawled at the end of Okamiden. I enjoyed how much the game felt Japanese-ized ( I made a new word!). Ii made me enjoy other forms of Japanese art more. Finally, I loved all the brush techniques you learn. Meeting different Deities and getting new fighting skills makes you want to backtrack to places you visited to try your new skills.


So here are me 3 favorite game series! What are your favorite game series? Please comment below!!