In September 2013, the Grand Theft Auto series saw the release of its newest entry, Grand Theft Auto V. GTA V was filled with content and was an instant success. Rockstar wanted to ensure players didn’t run out of things to do, though, so it was followed by the ability to take the game online. The launch of GTA Online was clouded by some issues, but it recovered from them and became very popular. Fans have taken a keen interest in Rockstar’s plans for future GTA Online updates, and the interest in both GTA V and GTA Online has spiked since the announcement of the remastered version.

Since GTA V was released for the Xbox 360 and PS3, it’s a good-looking game, but not up to the standards being set by the new consoles. Therefore, when GTA V comes out for the PC, Xbox One, and PS4, its graphics will have been completely revamped for a more detailed, beautiful world.

In less than two months, the original GTA V will have been out for a year, so it’s a great time to start thinking about the new versions. In that time, GTA V demolished sales records, and we found all of its cheats. For a while it was uncertain—in part because fans were sure there had to be an instant-money cheat hidden somewhere—but after this long, there’s no longer any doubt. We know all of the GTA V cheats, from the ones that affect health, to the ones that give you weapons and vehicles, to the ones that just do fun things to the world. At the beginning, you could only find a few cheats listed here and there, but now they’ve been compiled into nice little guides for you to use. Maybe we never will see a GTA V money cheat, but we’ve made it this long without one.

We also survived the GTA Online money cheat disaster. For a while, the future of GTA Online seemed to be in jeopardy, despite the wide adoption of the single-player game. Unlike regular GTA V cheats, which aren’t really cheating in the sense of giving anyone an advantage, cheats in an online game can have terrible consequences for all players. When GTA Online players found an exploit to gain infinite money, it launch a series of events that caught the attention of a lot of gamers. Was cheating fair? Should Rockstar take away the glitched money? These issues caused debates and arguments until everything was finally taken care of, although even then there were still players intent on breaking the game. We’re glad it’s over, and we hope it doesn’t return.

With any luck, GTA V won’t have to worry about such problems ever again. Instead, players can enjoy the game in all-new graphics (or the same old graphics, since some players will surely stick to the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions even with the new ones on the horizon), entertain themselves with the existing GTA V cheats, and explore the world of GTA Online to keep playing as long as possible.

GTA V may have been out for almost a year, but its success is far from over.