The Dota 2 community has been exploding (pun intended) recently because of the anticipation of a certain hero. it's ether.

(a.) Winter Wyvern

(b.) Abysal Underlord

(c.) Techies.

If you guessed a or b, you are wrong. It's Techies.

Now some bit of explaining, the international announced via hidden streach goal that techies would be released after the international 2014, and their apperence at the international all stars match certainly raised anticipation. And the international has come and gone, and so far as of this writing,the techies haven't been released.

So When will techies be released. I think it's going to be around September or around diretide assuming Valve doesn't screw diretide up again like they did last year when they delayed it till NOVEMBER! But i digress.

So when do you think techies will be released? Post your thoughts below. In the meantime if you though one techies was bad, try going up against 5v5. This video from dota cinema shows what happenes