Monkeys. Poo flinging creatures. Beside pigs I think monkeys dominate the gaming scene. I want to list my top favorite 5 monkeys.

5: Broly

 Look at him. He's huge. His head touched the health bar at the top. I picked him because Broly is bad ass. Yes. He is a monkey. It's not shown that much in the game but Broly is one of the most brutal monkey ever. He also has different personalities. When normal he is a quiet guy. But if he hears goku cry he becomes an un-stopable force. Number 5 goes to Broly. The prophet saiyan.


Number 4: Meemee


She may not be the main monkey in Super Monkey ball but she is so darn cute. I don't think there has ever been a cuter monkey. I cry a little every time I fall off with her. That death is more real to me than Ashley or Kaiden's death......

Number 3: Ape escape monkeys.

This is more of a group choice here. One Ape Escape monkey won't do the game justice. These are some clever apes. Using tricks against you to avoid being captured. I had fun chasing down these little critters back in my ps2 days. And those police lights on their hats? Okay. Weird but leave them there.

Number 2: Monkey

Monkey. After being asked his name, this is what he replies with. So, your forced to go around as Monkey. What's his back story? What's his real name? Nothing is revealed in the entire game. He is a great athlete. After Trip makes im a slave he doesn't want anything to do with her. But the more they traveled together the more he realizes that he doesn't want to leave her side.

Number 1:

Haha, no I'm playing.


Number 1: Donkey Kong


Donkey Kong. The ape of them all. First showed up in Jumpman in the arcades. He soon got his game and even had a kid before Mario. Donkey kong has been in Donkey kong country, 64, tennis, golf, mario kart, mario party, ect, ect, ect. This is the monkey that stole the first princess. This monkey even got a 30 minute show for a while. If you see a Mario game, Kong is not that far behind. He takes the number one spot for being the most celebrated gaming Monkey.


I have three most hated monkeys as well.

Number 3: The Mass Effect Monkeys.


One monkey has something you need. So, Bioware throws you on a whole planet full of them. You have to trudge through countless monkeys to find the special one. You even have to enter three seperate buildings and search. This mission was annoying and I hope to never retry it again.

Number 2: Monkeys in Sonic the hedghog 2


It's hard to see but it's back there. Imagine running at top speed collecting all those rings just to get hit by a coconut. Half the time I didn't even see them when I go to jump over spikes causing me to drop all my rings. Fusterating creatures. It was really bad when you were trying to collect 50 rings to get the choas emeralds. They are 16 bit losers.

And number 1: The monkey on Mario 64


You know who that is in the background. This paricular mission pissed me off. Chasing this little hat-stealing freak was not easy. And to make matters worse, it was on a mountain. If you fell off, you'd have to hike back up the mountain and confront it again. I think every time I've done this mission I've fell off at least once.


Well, those are my monkey choices. Hope you liked.