I check GameInformer all the time to see the latest news and reviews on new games. But a new game I was excited about hasn't been reviewed by GI. That game is Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

I'm not the most die-hard Monster Hunter fan, but I was looking forward to GameInformer's opinion on it and I was a little disappointed they didn't give one. Now I just wonder why they didn't review it. They did a bunch of articles leading up to in, previewed it, showed some great screenshots, did a Test Chamber, had that hilarious article that made fun of some of the new monsters, but they didn't review it.


I thought that maybe there would be a review done in the next couple of days since they didn't do a day one review, but it's been well over a week and they never reviewed it.

Now I know what someone might been thinking, "Just find some other reviews online if it's that important to you" or "Why do you care so much?" Those are very valid questions. I did go around online and find other opinions of the game and they were all generally positive and most people thought the game was worth getting. I don't really care all that much about GI not reviewing the game, but when you post articles on a game for so long and then don't review it's disheartening, too me at least.

I doubt that many, if any, of you GIO folks care about my Monster Hunter problem, but I felt that a blog would be a good way to vent.