Finally, the moment none of you have been waiting for, my favorite games of 2013! I'm not gonna beat around the bush here. If you haven't read my previous list, you may be lost on some of the things I say in this one, so you might want to read that one first. If you have read my previous list, then let's get going! 


My Top 10 Games Of 2013 

#10: Pokemon Y

When this game first launched, it was hyped to no end, and that kind of frightened me. I had played Pokemon games before and loved them to death, but once I played Pokemon White, the series kind of lost its spark with me. For some reason, I just didn't enjoy White. The reason I was scared of Pokemon Y was because I thought I wouldn't like it either. I assumed I wouldn't see the appeal, as if I had become uninterested in Pokemon, a series I've loved since childhood. Then, I bought Pokemon Y, and all those nasty thoughts left my brain immediately. I was having a blast within five minutes of starting the game. Something about it just clicked with me, far more than White, and I couldn't have been happier. Pokemon Y may be my favorite core Pokemon game ever. 


#9: Hotline Miami

I know this came out on PC last year, but I played it on PSN, so it counts. Shut up. But seriously, Hotline Miami is one of those special games, similar to Super Meat Boy, where you get chewed up and spit out, yet you ask for more. The gameplay is so fantastically designed that, no matter how many times you die, you just want one more chance. Hotline Miami is such a satisfying experience, because you're constantly being forced to get better. With every failed strategy, you have a new one lined up in your head just itching to be used. Then, when you find that strategy that makes you clear the room like a professional killing machine, you get this gargantuan feeling of relief that no other game can give you. The cherry and sprinkles on top of this already amazing sundae is the bizarre story and the brilliant soundtrack. Hotline Miami is a treat that should not be missed. 


#8: Super Mario 3D World

This was perhaps the biggest surprise for me this year. While I expected it to be fun, and fairly well designed, I didn't expect it to become one of my favorite Mario games, like it did. I liked Super Mario 3D Land well enough, but I didn't think the idea could be expanded on very much. However, 3D World proved me wrong in just about every way. Heck, I went from decently interested in it to selling games for pre-order money thanks to a single trailer. I'm glad I did, too, because I wouldn't trade the time I spent with my family playing Super Mario 3D World for anything. And people say local multiplayer is dead.


#7: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

You probably saw this coming, thanks to my last list. I can't help it, I had a lot of fun with this game, and it's almost shocking how well it turned out. Considering Metal Gear Rising was stuck in development Hell for the longest time, people never even thought it would come out, let alone be good. But Platinum Games, being the mega-geniuses they are, found a way to do it well and leave a lasting impression. Revengeance is just the right amount of Platinum mixed with just the right amount of Metal Gear, making for a fantastic combination between these entities. It'll be a shame if we don't get more Rising in the future. 


#6: Bioshock Infinite

I've seen a lot of backlash for Bioshock Infinite, and I genuinely don't understand it. I absolutely loved this game, and I thought it was guaranteed to be my game of the year when I first played it. I guess the story can be convoluted at times, but I thought it was easy enough to follow, and I thought the writing was top-notch. The gameplay as well I believed to be an incredible improvement over the first game, especially the way Elizabeth was handled. And of course, the art direct makes for some absolutely gorgeous locations. And it all began with a lighthouse. 


#5: Grand Theft Auto V

I don't think I've ever seen as many mixed opinions for a game as big as Grand Theft Auto V. There doesn't seem to be any common pros and cons for the game, everyone seems to have extremely varied tastes when it comes to GTA V. I've seen people praise the three main characters, and I've seen people who think they're absolute scumbags. I've seen people who loved the gameplay, and people who hated it. I've even seen people arguing about whether or not the stock market in the game is good or not. Personally, I loved all of it, and I was more or less in awe for my entire playthrough of it. I've talked about it with a friend of mine many times, and I'm convinced that GTA V actually turns the Xbox 360 into an Xbox One. The amount of detail in the game is astounding, and I'm shocked that it only takes two discs to play the game. There's not much else I can say, though, since basically everyone has played the game at this point. 

#4: The Wonderful 101

And here's a game that, sadly, no one played. The combination of it being a Platinum game on the Wii U was basically an instant nail in the coffin, and that's a darn shame. This is easily the best game on the Wii U, and it's technically a new Nintendo IP, a thing something everyone begs for constantly, yet still no one bought it. While the game certainly has its flaws, the way The Wonderful 101 makes up for them is charm. A charming concept mixed with a charming story featuring dozens of charming characters makes up for any complaints one would have about the game. The bosses as well are some of the most insane fights ever put into a game, and I can only hope that word of mouth will eventually put The Wonder-Ones in everyone's mind. 

#3: Fire Emblem Awakening

I shouldn't have liked Fire Emblem Awakening. I played maybe fifteen minutes of The Sacred Stones and it didn't do anything for me, and I also hate strategy games. So why did I like Awakening? Perhaps it was the RPG elements made it fun for me. Perhaps it was how smooth everything played. Perhaps, even, it was just the excitement surrounding the game at the time. I legitimately do not know, but I'm more than happy that I did end up liking it, because Fire Emblem Awakening is now one of my favorite JRPGs of all time. Whenever somebody talks about getting a Nintendo 3DS, this is the first game I recommend to them. And, if it wasn't for a game that's coming up on this list, it would be my personal favorite 3DS game. 


#2: The Last Of Us

I might be exaggerating here, but The Last Of Us may be the perfect survival horror game.With an oppressive atmosphere, an incredibly interesting story, and some impeccable shooting and melee gameplay, it's most definitely up there. In fact, The Last Of Us does survival horror so well, that the former king of survival horror wants to be like it. For Naughty Dog's first venture into the genre, that's a very impressive feat. 


#1: Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Yeah, you all knew this was coming. I've said all I can say about this game, to the point that repeating myself would just be redundant and obnoxious. All I'll say is that A Link Between Worlds is literally everything I wanted in in A Link To The Past sequel, and you'd be a fool not to get it if you own a 3DS. 


And that's it for my favorite games of 2013! Thank you for reading, and let me know what your favorites were in the comments below!