Being timely as always, I'm here to tell you about the things I liked the most about the previous year! You may be asking yourself why I would to this considering anything I say will be irrelevant, since that's how all these lists go, especially considering we're two months into 2014. Well, hypothetical reader... shut up. 

I'm so good at starting off blogs. 

I'd like to state that I will not be focusing on just video games in this blog, and my top ten games of 2013 list will have its own dedicated blog. I'll certainly talk about games here, but I'll mostly be talking about movies, music, and possibly other things. (But probably not.) Please keep in mind that these are not the best things of 2013, just the things that I enjoyed the most. Let's get to it!


My Top 5 Albums of 2013


#5: The Marshall Mathers LP 2 - Eminem 

Some people criticize Eminem for being childish, immature, and trying too hard to be "edgy", and I'm not going to lie and say I can't understand those criticisms. Some of the lyrics in the songs of this album seem very childish ("go smurf yourself"? Really?), and some come off as trying to offend the audience, but the good parts are very good. I like this album, not necessarily for the messages or the stories, but for how well everything goes together. Say what you will about the man, but Eminem tends to make very catchy and ear-pleasing songs, something a lot of rappers can't do. Try listening to Rhyme Or Reason without singing along with the chorus. I also think the way Rap God is handled brilliantly, and Berzerk is a perfect throwback to old-school hip-hop. 


#4:  Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance OST - Jamie Christopherson

Three words: Rules. Of. Nature. I'm probably cheating by putting a video game soundtrack on this list, but hey, it's been printed on a physical CD. It counts. Kind of. But in all seriousness, this is one of the most perfect soundtracks I've ever heard. Not in terms of quality, but how well it fits with the source material. Everyone who has fought the RAY at the beginning of the game knows just how insanely pumped up you get once the lyrics kick in. Some of the songs miss their mark, but the ones that hit really hit. This is the hypest soundtrack of 2013 by far. 


#3: 13 - Black Sabbath

I've heard a lot of people (read: one person)  talking about this album being disappointing, and to be honest, I don't get it. I mean, this album is maybe not as good or memorable as Paranoid or Masters of Reality, but I don't think that comparison is very fair. Just because something Black Sabbath did previously is better doesn't mean this is any worse. I personally love this album, and there's hardly a single song on it that I dislike. My only real problem with it is the overuse of certain lyrical themes. I can't keep count of how many times the words "Hell", "death", and "religion" are used. But then I listen to Zeitgeist and everything is okay. 


#2: Frozen OST -  Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez 

A bit of another cheat here, but I can't help it. Soundtracks this past year were amazing. I don't think I'm exaggerating here when I say Frozen is my favorite Disney movie, musical wise. Every song is catchy, every song is powerful, and every song is brilliant. I don't think I can ever watch this movie with other people again, because I'll be singing along to every single song. I;m not even going to link any of the songs from the movie here. Go watch the movie yourself. Like, right now. Stop reading this blog and go. I can wait.


#1: Random Access Memories - Daft Punk

Predictable, aren't I? I can't help it. I have to agree with the Grammy's on this one: Random Access Memories is a god-tier album. With songs like Doin' It Right, Fragments Of Time, and of course, Get Lucky, this is easily my favorite Daft Punk Album. If I'm ever feeling a bit down in the dumps, I can just turn on any song from Random Access Memories and I'll instantly feel good. There's not even a whole lot I can say about the album, since so many others have discussed why they believe it's so good. So... I'll just leave you with this. 


My Top 5 Movies of 2013

I'd like to start off this list stating that I didn't see a ton of movies last year, and I still need to watch many of the films that I missed. I'm saying this, because some of my obvious omissions may anger some people, and I just want them to know that any film I don't list, I probably haven't seen yet. Please understand. 


#5: Evil Dead

This movie is disgusting, this movie is vulgar, this movie is over the top, and this movie is awesome. A lot of movies lately have tried to parody and pay tribute to classic horror, but none of those have been half as gruesome as Evil Dead. Everything you could want in an Evil Dead reboot/sequel is here, and it's probably soaked in Deadite blood. Normally I don't get shocked by gore in films; it's usually fairly tame or obvious CG. But in Evil Dead, they use practical effects, and it shows. There were a couple of scenes where I had to close my eyes in fear of being scarred for life. That arm, man. And the ending of the movie is possibly the most Metal thing I have ever seen. (WARNING: SPOILERS AND LOTS OF BLOOD/GORE.) Groovy indeed. 


#4: Doctor Who: The Day of The Doctor

I was debating putting this on the list, since it only barely received a theatrical release and is just over the length of your average Doctor Who episode, but I felt it needed to be here. The Day of The Doctor is the perfect love-letter to the series, which celebrated its 50th anniversary last year. Starring multiple fan-favorite Doctor actors and featuring some fantastic writing and character interactions, The Day of The Doctor should not be missed by anyone who calls themselves a Whovian. 


#3: Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

You may think I'm an immature, un-classy fool putting this movie on the list. But you would be wrong, because this is an Oscar-nominated movie. Yeah. In all honesty, though, I find Bad Grandpa to be a very funny and fascinating movie. Before seeing it, I was positive that it would be more or less the same joke throughout. "How can you take a bit character from the Jackass movies and give him his own movie?" I thought. Well, you add an 8-year-old boy into the mix! Jackson Nicoll has been critically praised for his work as Billy, and he deserves it. This kid is amazing at pranking innocent bystanders without cracking a smile. Never once does he break character throughout the movie, and it makes him the perfect sidekick to Johnny Knoxville's Irving Zisman. Even without the constant stunts, these jackasses are at the top of their game. 


#2: Frozen 

Didn't see this one coming, did you? Yes, if you couldn't tell already, I love Frozen. Obviously I love the soundtrack, but I also love everything in the movie that isn't the soundtrack. I was surprised with how genuine the writing in the movie felt. I expected it to be this generic Disney princess flick, but what I got was a deconstruction of Disney princess movies in general with a very likable cast of characters. I was also shocked with how funny the movie was. A lot of Disney movies go for smaller children with their humor, and some of the jokes are pretty groan-worthy. But here, the writing is aimed more towards everyone, with jokes aimed more towards the entire audience. I expected Olaf to be an annoying, throwaway character, but I was laughing any time he was on screen. I truly believe that we're in another Disney renaissance. Do you wanna build a snowman? 


#1: This Is The End

This is possibly the funniest movie I've ever seen. Or at least, it's the movie that I personally find the funniest. The concept of actors playing themselves is not new, but I'd be lying if I said I'm not a sucker for said concept. However, when you take the concept of actors playing themselves and combine that with the apocalypse, and you have a masterpiece of cinema on your hands. Okay, maybe I'm going to far. But This Is The End is still really good, and for every joke that may not hit very hard, there's a joke just around the corner that hits like a freight train. My brother and I went to see this movie in theaters together, and there was a certain scene where we were both nearly on the floor laughing so hard. I really like how many references to other movies are in this movie. From Pineapple Express to Spider-Man, every actor's filmography is mentioned and satirized. I've seen this movie three times since its release, and it only gets better each time I watch it. I cannot recommend it enough. 


There you have it, folks! Stay tuned for part 2 where I promise I'll actually talk about the thing that this website is for! Thanks for reading!