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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Video Review

You know, I liked Final Fantasy XIII. It wasn't the best game ever, but it wasn't awful, at least, not in my opinion. After finally beating it a few months ago, I figured it was necessary to buy and play though Final Fantasy XIII-2. Going into it, I expected to completely hate it. Did I hate it? Well... 


I didn't not not not not hate it. I think. What did I just say...?


And once you're done writing an angry comment about my review, you can check out the newest episode of our Saints Row: The Third Let's Play!

In this episode, we go to The Grid, destroy a bunch of fences for money, and then go to a party. It's so much fun ya'll. 


That's all for now, I'll be back next week with some more Let's Plays! And maybe even a new review... 

Actually, I can guarantee that that's not happening. But the NEXT week...