Man that was a long title. 

Hi folks! Been awhile. You probably already know why, though, but I'm not here to talk about why I haven't posted a blog in five months. Thanks to the blessings of the great Mr. Mojo, I am instead here to force feed you all of the videos I've worked on in that time! 

First things first, since this is what you're probably here for. Myself and two others recently did an impressions/review thing of the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance demo. We went over nearly every plus and flaw of it, along with a few "amusing" off-topic discussions. I also added some funny pictures to the mix just to spice things up, so be on the look out for them! 


(And if you want to know who did the sweet drawing up there, that's none other than a awesome dude named Jack. You can meet him in this next video!)


Our current, ongoing Let's Play is a co-op playthrough of Saints Row: The Third. It features Raiden from Metal Gear (I don't have an obsession!), Black Widow from The Avengers, shark hats, Proton Packs, and I'm pretty sure there was a Gunblade at some point. 


And if you aren't interested in any of that, we have completed Let's Plays of Super Mario World and Kirby's Dreamland, ongoing Let's Plays of Kingdom Hearts (that one's postponed for a little while though) and Spyro the Dragon, and we even played the Resident Evil 6 demo

Obviously, we'll be doing more videos as the days go by, and if you guys on GIO like them, I'll be posting a blog weekly detailing each video posted that week. Currently, videos are being posted every Tuesday and Thursday, and there will likely be more in a week if we can everything figured out. 

If you watch them, I'd love your feedback in the comments below! Should we improve our banter? Should we do more editing? Do we just plain suck? All of your criticism is allowed!