Let’s play pretend. I want you to pretend that you’re interested in the process of how I think up, write, and publish my writings here on GIO. Pretending yet? Good! Now I want you to pretend to read the rest of this blog. 

Today, I’m going to show you how my brain works when creating blogs and reviews. I will detail to you the step-by-step process of how I come to the idea of the typing, its conception, and figuring out what words to use. So yes, this is a blog about blogs

Firstly, I must get the idea of what I’m going to write about. This usually involves a session of me brainstorming for a good ten minutes or so. If I get an idea during that period of time, I write it down and let the idea sink in over a few days. Sometimes the idea is simple and easy to execute. Others take a bit more thought, time, and research. I can also get inspiration for an idea from outside sources, or they just come to me as a natural thing to do

Once the idea sits with me and I feel it’s worthy enough to be read by dozens of people, I’ll start thinking about how it should unfold. If it’s a straightforward blog like this one, I tend to just sit and start writing, usually finishing it in one sitting (which takes about two hours). There’s not much preparation needed. If I’m doing a list, review, or controversial topic however, I do my best to take as many notes as I can and try to touch on everything I’ve written down. 

Ironically enough, carrying out the deed of writing is possibly the easiest and definitely the simplest part of crafting a blog/review. Since I know exactly what I want to say about the topic, I just have to let the right words come to me. 

Next, I review the blog's quality and spellcheck it, then hand it over to my proofreader to analyze. Once he lies to me and tells me it’s good, I post it into Game Informer’s blog system from Microsoft Word. 

Once I’m finished skimming over it once more for any errors, I look for pictures to break up the paragraphs and links to references I made. While finding the links and posting them into words is a slightly tedious process, I actually find it to be incredibly satisfying and almost relaxing. I think it’s the mentality of being in the home stretch of posting a brand new article. 

Lastly, after everything I want to say and do with the blog is ready, I click the “publish” button and wait for the views and comments to come in.