I'm throwing this blog together a bit hastily right now, because I'm really late in posting this episode, and I apologise. But hey, GIOR!

Totally unrelated and random picture, perhaps it's a prediction of what's to come in this episode?

Gameinformer Online Radio - Episode 27

And then, you know, iTunes: GIOR iTunes Page

This episode has Joel, JR, Matt, and Phil (Zonified) talking about things. I had to miss out on this episode because I was sick, but I'm sure nothing bad happened while I was gone. ...Right?

(Also, I know this blog is really hastily thrown together, but I promise, promise we'll make up for it with the next episode. I promise. The next episode will be solid.)

So anyways, I have no shownotes, so I'll go straight into plugs!


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And that's it! Again, I'm sorry for the lateness and hastiness, but I'll be posting the next episode, with a very special guest, very soon.