Another episode, another two hours of incoherent rambling about topics that have absolutely no connection to each other whatsoever. But that's why you love us, right? ...Right?

This week, the regular gang (minus one Dan) talk about Back to the Future: The Game being free on PSN, Dead Island, the Tokyo Game Show, and Disney character pick-up lines. I'm not joking about that last part either.

You can listen to this week's episode here: Gameinformer Online Radio - Episode 26

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If you want to check out the Back to the Future game by Tell-Tale, the first episode is free on PSN.

There's only more one thing to say here.


If you couldn't already tell, the intro is Who Do You Voodoo, from the game Dead Island.



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That's it for this week everyone! If we're lucky, we should have a special guest from the GIO community on the show next week.

Also, I apologise for the shortness of this blog, especially when compared to the longness of this episode. I kind of... forgot almost everything we talked about. I'm bad at things.

Oh well.