Today, September 2, 2011, is the day that I got my very own 32 inch flat-screen HDTV, and it's the first HD TV I've ever owned. It was a birthday present. Yes, I'm slow.

Before today, I was using a 20(?) inch, 4:3 SD Sony set. This wasn't so bad in itself, but this TV was on its last leg. It had burn in, the sound was wonky, and the Audio, Video and Headphone jacks were completely out of wack. I had to jiggle the inputs around for about 20 minutes every time I wanted to use the thing! Lately I haven't even been using headphones, just so I wouldn't have to struggle with the inputs.

Enough whining complaining, here's some pictures of the TV.

This is the box, if you were wondering what brand it was. I bought the TV at Walmart, and they gave me a $20 gift card just for buying it - I used it to buy the first Michael Bay Transformers movie. (The two-disc DVD (not Blu-Ray) set for only $10!)

 This is where I set the TV,  right on top of the stand. My last TV went in the little cubbie below, but this one was too wide. (Also, check out my nerdy gamer merch (and a weird fish thing I made in second grade that I kept for some reason)!)

Instead of the TV, I put my 360, PS3, and their games in the cubbie. I think it's a much better spot than in the floor.

I don't have the component cables for my 360 yet, but I have an HDMI cord to hook my PS3 up with, and I am extremely excited to start using it. (Note: I'm borrowing the HDMI cord from someone else, and I'm getting it later.)

Finally, I can start playing games and watching most movies the way they were intended to be seen, in widescreen and HD. I'm truly thankful for this present; it's probably one of the best birthday presents I've ever received. Hopefully I can return the deed some day.

My only complaint about the TV isn't even about the TV itself, it's about my Cable. The wire that connects to the TV is a bit busted up, and it causes the picture on most channels to be a tad fuzzy. Coupled with the fact that the channels aren't in HD, it causes the picture to be pretty messy looking. Still, it's not a hard thing to get used to at all. I barely even watch Cable anyways, only Discovery, Comedy Central, and a few others.

Plus, the one thing that invalidates any complaints I have is the three HD channels the TV's antenna picks up; NBC, The Weather Channel, and some other channel I've never heard of. You know what that means? That's right.

Doctor Oz and Days of Our Lives in HD!!!!

Note: Pardon me if this blog comes off as a little arrogant or braggy, I'm just really excited about it, and couldn't think of anything else to write about.

PS: Read the tags.