UPDATE: We have our new staff members!

The ones that will be helping us with the show are toxicmischief, Vurtax, and Another Matthew.

Toxicmischief (Daniel) will be our substitute/new editor. He will be the one sprucing up the recordings, along with putting our logo on pictures.

Vurtax (Michael) will be making our videos from now on. Not only will he be in charge of our GIOR Watches videos, but any promo videos he wants to make. Plus, we needed another Michael on staff. Michael's a cool name.

Another Matthew (Matthew) will be our new co-host, and the one recording the show for us.

And that's it! If you like GIOR, be sure to wish these guys good luck. They're going to need it.

Original Post

I bet you're wondering, "Now hiring? What could that mean?" Well... we could use some assistance.

One of our hosts (and the one who records the show) is going through some serious life issues at the moment. Out of respect, I wouldn't dare ask him to be on the show while he's going through this. (And if he's reading this, I just want to say; Good luck.)

We need someone with good Skype recording software and hosting skills to be his substitute while this is going on. I'll post the specifications a bit later in the blog, but I'm sure you can tell what you'll need.

On a lighter note, we also need a substitute editor. Koob's computer is broken, and he doesn't know how long it'll be until he can get it fixed. We need someone with good editing software and editing skills to take his place until he can return. Perhaps you can edit the first GIOR Watches too... but only if you have the right experience.

"What kind of experience do I need?" you might ask. Well, lemme tell ya.

Basically, you just need to know your way around audio editing software. If you know how to add, remove, and fix audio, you've got the skills we need. If you know how to add audio to video, you get bonus points.

Another thing you'll need is image editing software. You'll need to add the Gameinformer Online Radio to the image I choose; normally an image that fits with what we've talked about on the show. Sometimes, you'll need to be the one that looks up the image, as I don't always have access to a computer.

As for the substitute host and recorder, you'll need something similar to Garageband or Skype MP3 recorder, along with good internet access. If your internet access is spotty and lags a little, then that would cause issues with the recording. We can't have that now, can we? (Sorry Dane)

If you want to be on the show and record for us, you'll need to know how to carry on a conversation. Plus, you can't be a jerk. We won't tolerate fanboys, those who can't accept others' opinions, etc. But, I doubt there are many people like that here on GIO (who use the blogs, that is.)

You'll also need to have stuff to talk about; stuff like TV shows, video games, the like. That should be given, considering this is a podcast about entertainment, but I felt the need to throw that out there.

Bonus points if you're a fan of Doctor Who.

The last thing you need is a good mic and radio voice. I already sound like I'm calling in from a telephone (which, I technically am), and we can't have more than one person like that. The voice doesn't have to be professional level, it just needs to be entertaining to listen to.

So, who's interested?