Another week older, another week dumber. Koob was busy this week, so Dave volunteered to edit. I'm not sure what he edited out or put in, so... be warned.

Also, we didn't have Koob to make logo images this week, so you all get ponies. Be sure to thank Koob.

This week, we've got Cody and Jake (AKA Michael Cera) on the show to talk about Battlefield 3's online pass, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, True Crime: Hong Kong, Vietnamese Pokemon, and the Guinness 6 Pack.

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Battlefield 3 probably shipping with an online pass.

Square Enix picking up True Crime: Hong Kong.

Capcom assures fans that Mega Man Legends 3 is dead.

September Cover Revealed: Borderlands 2.

Playstation Vita coming to the U.S. and Europe in 2012.

New Rambo game.

Twisted Metal delayed.

Skyrim's collector's edition.        

The Amazing Spider-Man 2's release date announced.

The Guinness 6 Pack (AKA, The Gameinformer World Record Attempt.)

And now, for the greatest Let's Play you will ever experience.



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