Going into inFamous 2, my expectations were extremely high. From the previews I had read and the trailers I had watched, it looked like it would be a completely mind blowing experience, and one that would replace the first game as my favorite PS3 exclusive. While inFamous 2 was a great and fun ride for sure, it didn't replace the first inFamous as my favorite PS3 game. Why? The story.

Warning: The rest of this blog contains spoilers for nearly every plot point in inFamous 2. Do not read it unless you have finished the game, or want it spoiled for you.

The first point I wanted to touch on is the karma system. It works in gameplay with the different powers and whatnot, but the actual choices Cole makes just seems... almost bi-polar. The story of inFamous 2 revolves around defeating the Beast, saving New Marais (along with the entire world), avenging Empire City, and finding a cure for the plague. That makes sense when you're playing as Good Cole, but it seems pretty inconsistent if you're on the evil side.

Speaking of inconsistant, one thing I didn't understand was how this...:

...could turn into this:

I understand that he's a conduit and was mutated, but... how does a human being turn into a giant bug thing? Did step into a transportation device with a cockroach or something?  Just looking at this picture confuses me to no end. I can suspend disbelief while playing a game about superheroes with electric powers, but the behemoth Bertrand turns into just doesn't make any sense! He grows extra limbs and a shell, he gets about 20 feet taller, and he has weird pink orbs in his mouth.

Honestly, it'd make much more sense if Bertrand was The Beast.

What doesn't make sense, however, is the fact that John, a man who died by explosion in the first game, was the Beast. But not only did John come back to life and become a giant, 50 foot tall super villain, he came back to life because he wanted to.

I feel the same way, Captain Picard.

In the game, John outright says he came back by piecing himself back together, atom by atom. Now I'm no genius, and I've never met a super powered conduit before, but I'm pretty sure that's not possible. ...Ok, it is Sucker Punch's story, so it's apparently possible... but it's really dumb. If John can do that, then why is Cole so worried about dying when firing off the RFI? The conduit's could probably just think themselves back to life or something.

"Huh... I didn't think about that."

Of course, I still liked inFamous 2, it was a ton of fun, and was happy to get every trophy in it. The story just felt a bit rushed and seemed to fall apart around the end. If you ask me, I think Sucker Punch was planning on making inFamous a trilogy, but changed their mind half-way through inFamous 2's development. I have no evidence to back that up though, so I can't say that with certainty. Perhaps they just couldn't find a good way to go from inFamous 1's ending to inFamous 2's story in a smooth fashion.

Whatever the case, hopefully Sucker Punch can make a bit more sense out of the story if they do another game in the series. If it only gets more confusing, well... at least the gameplay's still fun.