GIOR: Late Night Edition! ...Wait that came out wrong. What I mean is that I'm posting this episode at 2:30 AM. Why? Because I love you all. Oh, and something about this being episode 21, making the podcast of legal drinking age.

This logo image will make more sense once you listen. I think.

This week, Dave, Cody, Kurt, JR and myself talk about the 3DS price drop, the Elite Eight(now the Elegant Eleven), GI's editors attempting six world records in August, and we have our minds blown by an epic revelation. This is an episode you don't want to miss.

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Here are some of the stories we talked about this week: *Podcast spoilers inbound*

Game Informer's Improved Sidebars and Elite Eight announcement. (And my Thank You blog. Thanks again guys!)

The 3DS being dropped to $169.99.

THQ moving away from Red Faction.

Reiner and Phil (and Ben) play Captain America.

Resident Evil 6 spotted?    

The Humble Indie Bundle 3 (At least, I think we talked about it.)

Metal Gear Solid 3DS gets delayed.

Game Informer editors attempting six world records in August.

Frank Welker's IMDB page.

Nintendo considering a Majora's Mask remake.   

Naughty Dog's lead designer is a brony. (And it has a great picture which I will now post here because I'm obligated to do so.)


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