We're twenty episodes old! That's like... a hundred years in podcast time, right?

This week, we talk about MegaMan Legends 3 being cancelled, Freddy Krueger being in Mortal Kombat, Comic-Con, and Netflix. That may not seem like a ton of topics, but we talk about those topics a lot.

You can listen to the episode here: Gameinformer Online Radio Episode 20.

And download it from iTunes here!

*Note, there were some issues with the recording, so there were minor cut-outs. Sorry about that.*


We'll be doing that commentary with Captain N soon. (I think the name of the commentary series will be "GIOR Watches: ____". If you have a better name, post it in the comments below!) We will be synching up the audio to the video and posting it on Youtube, so this may take a little time to make. Please be patient.

In the meantime, JR and I will be live-tweeting crappy movies we watch on Netflix every week or so from now on. We did it this week with The Last Airbender, and we had a blast. If you'd like to watch our minds unfold as we watch and tweet these crappy movies, be sure to follow us on Twitter. Next week, we're thinking of watching Rubber, Titanic 2, or some cruddy Syfy movie. We're still deciding, but we guarantee it will suck.

In other news, I'd like to give a big shout-out to Annette. For those of you who don't know, she's leaving Game Informer to work at Harmonix as their community manager. Thank you so much for your support of GIOR Annette, and good luck at Harmonix!

On another sad leaving note, Sean has informed us that he cannot be on GIOR anymore do to time restrictions. While we're sad to see him go as a host, it's for the best. Keep listening, Lowery!

Last but not least, I'm going to kill JR if he keeps retweeting and posting stuff about the stupid Nyan Cat. I HATE THAT STUPID POPTART CAT.


I created my first Gameinformer group: The GIO Bronies Group! Now you don't have to hear us talking about it on the show! Big shout-out to eyros2k for helping me with the basics of creating a GIO user group!

And you can follow us on Twitter, but you already knew that.

Me: @Mray901

JR: @JakandRatchet79

Dave: @ElGhostoPigo

Koob: @Pilates_freak

And if you were wondering, the intro this week is from the Alan Wake soundtrack. War by the Poets of the Fall. The outro is You're Gonna Go Far Kid by The Offspring

That's all the GIOR you get for this week. Hope it keeps you full until next week!

...And I know I'm going to regret professing my hate for the Nyan Cat.

P.S. Koob is a jerk and Radiohead sucks.