Ok, so the title is a little cheesy, but that pretty much sums up the XBLA Triple Pack. For $30, you get Trials HD, LIMBO, and 'Splosion Man. I don't have Xbox Live, so I never got to play these games, not counting the demos that you can find in Official Xbox Magazine. I've always wanted to play these games, especially the indie darling LIMBO, so this compilation was a definite buy for me.

I picked it up a few weeks ago, along with Mass Effect 2 (but that's another story...), and I've been loving the heck out of it. While I haven't beaten them yet, I believe I've played enough to give a few thoughts on the pack, and why I think everyone who doesn't have Xbox Live should buy it.

Trials HD

It's hard to explain what this game really is... but I can try.

It's basically Excitebike with physics and extremely dangerous stunts. You start on a platform, and have to work your way to the finish line, overcoming an entire obstacle course along the way. It's very fun, but it's also incredibly difficult. There are five difficulty levels, going from Beginner to Extreme.

So far, I've gotten to the middle of the Normal difficulty, and I'm already having trouble. It's hard enough as is, and it gets almost infuriating if you try to go for the gold medals on each stage, or each Achievement.

Even if it's difficult, there's a ton of content in Trials HD. You get about ten tracks with each difficulty, which you're encouraged to go back to and get the gold medal on. You also get about... fifteen(?) bonus stages where you try to go for goofy goals, like launching yourself as far as possible, or going through a bunch of flaming rings.

We're only one third of the way in, and I've already described a game that has more content than the $40 Madden NFL 3DS game.


A game where you play as a little boy, trying to find his way through a dark and dreary place, all while trying not to get killed my bear traps and giant spiders. Doesn't that sound fun?

Well strangely, it is, but it's a different kind of fun than Trials HD. Trials is a game where you can zone out, listen to music or a podcast, and just have some mindless fun. LIMBO on the other hand, is all about the puzzles and atmosphere. If you wanna play LIMBO right, you need to play it on a big screen at night.

But even if you can't do that, it's still a fun experience. The puzzles are tricky, the graphics are gorgeous in their own special way, and the atmosphere is terrifying.

I think I'm at the half-way point, and while I haven't really played it as much as I have the other two games on the Triple Pack, I'm still really enjoying it.

And now for something completely different.

'Splosion Man

This game is nuts. Anytime I see this guy's face, I think of The Hamster Dance.

For reference...

Anyways, the game is about a lab experiment gone wrong, who get's out of its test tube and starts exploding 'sploding everywhere, everything, and everyone. No matter what button you press, there's only one action, and that's to 'splode. It's basically a jump, but with more fire.

You get three 'splosions with each jump, which you use to get to the end of each stage. At first it sounds simple, but then they throw in puzzles, obstacles, and turrets. Once you get past a certain amount of levels, (I think it's 15), you fight the boss. I've only made it to the first boss, and I can't beat him.

Yes, I'm stuck at the very first boss. I hear that the game gets even harder after the third chapter, so I should just admit defeat now.

And there you have it, my mini-review of the Xbox Live Arcade Triple pack! If you don't have access to Xbox Live, I can't recommend this pack enough.

 However, if you do have Xbox Live, then you may as well get these games on their own. The XBLA Triple Pack costs $30, so you aren't getting a discount, and nothing extra comes with the pack. Heck, anytime you exit out of a game, it takes you to your game library, like it was downloaded. This pack was clearly just a way to get the games to people who don't have Xbox Live.

Like I said, if you don't have Xbox Live, get this pack. It's cheap, fun, and definitely worth your time.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to play some more LIMBO, followed by Mass Effect.