Anyone get Portal 2 yesterday? If so, good for you, because you picked up an awesome game.

I got my copy late last night, around 8 'O Clock, and I couldn't wait to play it. I'd been talking to Sean earlier that day, and he said he was picking it up too, so we decided to play through co-op together.

Anyways, since I got my copy at 8, we didn't even start until 8:30. I was only expecting to play until about 10 PM. I was wrong.

Spoiler Alert: I'll likely be talking about jokes, puzzles and surprises Sean and I had during our co-op session, which goes pretty close to the end of the game. Read at your own risk.

So when we started off, we were greeted by each other, each of us in some strange tubes. GlaDos spoke to us, running us through some controller calibration tests, how to use markers, etc. To learn how to make my partner look at objects, I had to put a marker on a picture of my favorite animal. Sean had to do the same, but instead of animals, he had to pick his favorite periodic element.


He picked that one. What a nerd!

After that, and just some more tutorial stuff, we were guided into the hub world, where we could go into each different level. Think of it as a world screen, similar to Super Mario World, except in first person.

We picked our first level, the trust exercising level, and began on our trek through Aperture labs.

Once we started our first puzzle what do you think the first thing I did was? If you thought, "Forced Sean into some Portals", you're correct.

Once we got that out of our systems, we flew through the first puzzle fairly quickly. ...At least, I think we did. We played so late and were having so much fun, I can barely remember.

That said, I can remember some of the hi-jinks. Crushing each other with doors, pushing buttons to make spikes kill each other, and having GlaDos grade as we went along are just a few of the things that happened while we played. I'm actually surprised how well it went, considering that I'm extremely a little impatient.  Anything that should have made someone mad, we just laughed at.

Some of the best lines can be found in co-op too, like "I was made with flaws too. I was built with too much empathy for human suffering", and "Making idiotic gestures does not make the testing go any smoother" (or something like that...).

There are five levels in the co-op, each with about 7-9 puzzles. Each one should take about an hour. At least, that's how long it took me and Sean, when we wrapped up at 12:30. Yes, we played from 8:30 to 12:30. Four straight hours, and we still have one level left. We were even debating on finishing the game there, making the session go until 1 AM, or just picking up the next day/week/etc. 

You know, or we just suck.

Heck, I already feel justified in spending my $60 on Portal 2, and I haven't even had time to touch the Single Player yet!


To sum this all up, Portal 2 is awesome. It has a really charming snse of humor, extremely fun gameplay, and amazing co-op. If you picked a game up on Tuesday, April 19th, 2011, it better have been Portal 2. ...But Mortal Kombat is good too I suppose.


If you're wondering what the point of this blog was, it's sort of a mini-review for Portal 2. I'll probably do a real review once I actually beat the game, but once I played the co-op, I felt compelled to write about it. Yes, it's that good.


If you want to hear me, Sean, Jayson, and (maybe) Andrew Reiner gush about Portal 2, be sure to tune in to episode 9 of Gameinformer Online Radio!