Ok, we don't really have Michael Cera. It's really Happyginger! That said, we do really have Dean (born4this).

We talk about Tretton's stupid remarks against motion control and the 3DS,  Mortal Kombat, strip clubs and GTA4, call Jake (Happyginger) Scott Pilgrim for sounding like Michael Cera, and go off on millions of tangents. Apparently anyone with "ean" in their name can go off topic easily.

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Sadly, our friend and fellow GIO member Saint has decided to stop blogging. Even though I'm not sure he listens to the show, he's been a great and contributing member to GIO. This episode is dedicated to him. Good luck for the future, Saint!

Also, you can still buy GIOR merchandise! Cafepress is a little weird with their links though, so you'd better hurry up and buy some before they delete it!

I mentioned my 3DS review in the show. You can read that here.

If you want to listen to Dean and his friends talk every week, you can do that with his podcast, Robot in the Corner. It's better than this garbage.

Oh, and if you don't think Happyginger sounds like Michael Cera, you're wrong.

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Thanks for listening! Hope you enjoy the episode!