Everyone loves hats, right? You wear them to cover up bald spots, bad hair days, and metroids. Well, video games characters do that too, but their hats are always cooler for some reason. Let's take a look at which video game character's hat stands out above the rest, shall we?

#10 - Mario's Hat

Oh look, this blog is already a cop-out. Oh well.

Mario's hat is awesome because it's customised. I'm not sure where you can find tailors in the Mushroom Kingdom, but apparently he'll put the first letter of your name on a poofy cap, and he'll do it awesomely. If that doesn't make for a cool cap, I don't know what is.


#9 - The Grey Fox's Cowl

The Grey Fox's cowl shows off the hardships and triumphs of this master thief. The dirt-

Aw, who am I kidding? I picked this because it looks cool. Plus *spoilers* it lets you do anything you want while wearing it, and your main character won't even get fined for it. I mean, how handy is that?!

You can run into millions of people's houses, steal all their stuff, take off the mask, and get away scott free! It's almost like having two different characters!

#8 - My Sonic Hat

Mah hat.

This counts because it's video game related, awesome, and mine. Come on, it looks completely bad ***, right?

...I regret nothing. Sonic forever!!!

#7 - Ryu Hayabusa's Mask

Ryu Hayabusa is already awesome, so his mask just makes him awesomer. It's not your stereotypical ninja mask; he's got some kind of slick metal design on the top!

Heck, it's so cool that it was even in Halo 3!


...Wait, masks aren't hats, are they? ...Oops.


#6 - Majora's Mask

Majora's Mask is #6 on the Top 10 HatsThings You Wear On Your Head In Video Games because it not only looks awesome and creepy, it had a whole game named after it. You've never heard of Ninja Gaiden: Ryu's Mask or Mario: Mario's Cap, have you? That's why it's above all those other chumps.

It's not #1 though, because it introduced Link's Elegy of Emptiness statue, and that thing scares the *** out of me.

Here's a picture.


A runner up to Majora's Mask is the Fierce Diety Mask.

It makes Link look like this. 'Nuff said.

#5 - Link's Hat

Wait... we're only on number five? Screw that!


#3 - Link's Hat

I pick Link's Hat for #3 because... um...

Ok, it's out of personal bias. But that's what most lists are, right?


#2 - The King's Crown

Look at this thing! The crown is as big as the person wearing it! It makes me wonder what he's hiding under there... Maybe another hat? Maybe a weapon? Maybe an assortment of artificially flavored fruit snacks? We may never know.

We're at number 1! (Shut up). What hat thing you wear on your head could it be? The anticipation must be killing you!




...What? You were expecting number one? ...To be honest, I wasn't even sure anyone would read this far... Oh well, if you really want a number one...

This is it.



Professor Layton's top hat. I think the good professor summed it up himself when he said...

"A true gentleman always wears a hat."

...Or something like that.