Hey everybody, this is the fourth episode of the Gameinformer Online podcast! ...I may or may not say that in the intro too.

This week, we've got Craig Harris, former IGN editor, and Geg, GIO member. I know what you're thinking; "IGN?! That's not GI related!". However, I guarantee you'll like Craig. He is super cool. Plus, he's nobody's fool. ...And he's more than a man... And he's American.

This week, we talk about the big news, such as:

An iPhone developer's smug and stupid theory of consoles, the 3DS, the GI guys' world record attempt, and much more. Listen is as I do my best (and fail) to segway CRAIGWAY around this episode!

Oh, and blame Dave.

You can listen to the episode here:


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P.S., Sorry for my constant "So..." and "*A-HEMS*". I was really tired.

 Also: CRAIGWAY!!!

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